Burnt Orange Make Up Look with Urban Decay

Burnt Orange Make up look with Urban Decay cosmetics on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Beauty Blog.
Orange make up is probably something people don’t see as a very positive look. Probably because of the connections we all make when we think of that dreaded orange line around our faces when we first discovered the wonders of foundation as a youth. Having red hair with a strong orange tone to it, orange is a colour that can either work with or against my hair shade really. If it’s too yellow toned it’s going to make me look a bit odd, but with a lovely warm red tone it looks just right. Orange lips is also another make up look which could go wrong for me personally, as I always find that some orange tones make my teeth look more yellow (need whitening soon plz) but I think these products from Urban Decay* have actually ticked all the boxes when it comes to creating a burnt orange make up look which I can wear every day.
Combined with the excellent coverage of the Vichy Dermablend Fluid Foundation, minimal (I mean, no) Photoshop was even required to cover my spots in the first pictures up there.
Burnt Orange Make up look with Urban Decay cosmetics on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Beauty Blog.
For the base of my make up, I’ve used the Stila One Step Illuminating Primer with the aforementioned Dermablend foundation. I have found that certain primers do help Dermablend last longer and this one or the Monu Illuminating Primer are the ones which seem to make it last the longest.  Simply applied with a Real Techniques Stippling Brush, it’s an easy and fuss free way to get your skin looking pretty darn flawless as quickly as possible.
When it comes to the eyeshadow I do get a little bit Picasso up in here and use a combination of a Barry M Eyeshadow Pencil in a solid gold colour, then a dusting of a gold shade from a Make Up Revolution eye shadow kit, with the Urban Decay Eyeshadow in shade ‘Riff’ blended in from the outer corner and across the crease. It sounds a lot more complicated that it is and only takes the work of one brush to blend it in effortlessly. Add a slick of liquid eyeliner and some mascara and you’re good to go!
And to finish my face I simply dusted the Urban Decay Afterglow 8-Hour blush in shade ‘Kinky’ and some of the new Urban Decay Revolution lipgloss in shade ‘Punch Drunk’ and voilá – a wearable burnt orange make up look that most people could pull off.
Burnt Orange Make up look with Urban Decay cosmetics on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Beauty Blog.
I must say, I am incredibly impressed with how long lasting the Urban Decay Blusher is and it’s actually made me realise that my previous blushes just don’t compare in terms of longevity! After being at work for over 9 hours I came home to find that even though the rest of my make up was looking a little tired, the blush was still holding it’s own. The lipgloss on the other hand, is very much like other lipglosses in terms of how long it lasts – which isn’t that long at all in reality. It’s a non sticky and a nice formula, but after about 3 hours the colour of this one just doesn’t seem to stay. However, if you apply it more as a tint and rub it in slightly with your finger before blotting and reapplying it works really well to add a hint of colour for a touch longer. I never thought I’d go for an orange toned lip colour again, but this one has certainly changed my mind.

Thanks to Urban Decay for popping these in the post for me. I feel like I’ve entered the next level of some kind of bloggers right of passage being on their PR list now. Haaaa.