Clipper Green Tea: Kick – Start & Sunkissed

Clipper Green Tea: Kick - Start & Sunkissed
Tea. The bloggers favourite beverage. I own more tea than lipstick, but why? I barely even drink it at home and I only take it to work because the hot water tap thing is way closer than the water fountain to get a drink. I just can’t go to a supermarket without buying it though and my hoards are getting out of hand. It’s probably due to the fancy packaging more than anything, if I’m completely honest. I mean, just look at this one from Clipper Tea for example. How can one resist such colourful designs alongside the price tag of 2 for £2 in my local Tesco?

Clipper Green Tea

I must admit, I dislike Green Tea. There’s something overly bitter about the taste which I don’t particularly like. I will still drink it, but it’s not the best in the world. I know that it’s good for me and has been known to aid everything from depression to headaches, but whether this is true I do not know, but we can look at the other benefits of green tea and trust the facts a little more when it comes to what it contains. Known to contain B vitamins, folate, manganese, potassium, magnesium, caffeine and other antioxidants, Green Tea does seem to have a host of benefits inside which let’s face it; are going to be better for you than a glass of coke or pint of Robinsons squash.
These two Green Tea’s from Clipper I found to be very nice, when it comes to green tea anyway. The Mango one is a really sweet and fruity flavour, which you can actually taste. Is there anything worse than getting a flavoured tea only to find the flavour is non existent? With this one you can really pick up the slightly tangy taste and thankfully is overpowers the bitter green tea flavour for me. The Lime and Ginger one was much more subtle. In fact, I could barely taste the ginger at all, which is a shame as it’s one of my favourite tea flavours and help to settle my stomach when I’ve developed a small food baby. The Clipper Lime and Ginger Green Tea isn’t repulsive by any stretch, but I could of done with a slightly stronger taste. 
Overall; the Mango Green Tea gets a solid 7/10 but sorry Lime and Ginger, you’re a 3/10 on this occasion.

Clipper Green Tea: Kick - Start & Sunkissed

-What’s your favourite type of tea?-