Food at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, Manchester

Food at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, Manchester
I always find that Revolution bars are the forgotten gem of the dining out world. It’s very rare that I’ve ever had a bad meal in a Revs, and I swoon like a heart eyed emoji every time I have had a steak in one. Totally underrated! I used to eat there fairly often, but my local one in Hanley was recently rebranded as a ‘Rift&Co’ so therefore doesn’t do the full food menu which Revolution Cocktail Bars tend to do, boooo!
The Parsonage Gardens Revolution Bar in Manchester is one of the nicest Revs I’ve visited (Sorry bezzie mate Becky who works in the Oxford Road one!). Parsonage Gardens is a bit bigger and the decor is so lovely. I took a particular shine to the chairs and lampshades. One thing I love about all Revs is how well trained the staff are when it comes to both the food and the cocktail menu. From my friend I know that they receive regular training and I’m always impressed when it comes to how they even remember to make half the cocktails on the menu without having to refer to some kind of notes somewhere. I mean seriously, it’s taken me 3 months to remember the log in for my computer at work.
As soon as we sat down, we ordered some drinks. We went for the newest addition to the cocktail menu, which they are trialling in the Parsonage Gardens brand, which come in the form of ‘Frozen Vodkaccinos’ yummmmm. I chose the Bubblegum Daiquiri (requesting a little less alcohol in because I was driving) which came in a plastic cup not dissimilar to a Squishie from the Simpsons, complete with Space Ship sweets in the top, for added fizz! As you’d expect, it tasted like the classic bubblegum flavours, but not in a sickly way. Definitely one on the list for my next night out. We also chose the Floride Rum Runner. I only had a sip of this, but it was a sweet pineapple-y flavour with a distinct kick of rum! 
Other drinks we chose later on were the cutesy Blue Movie, which was served in an adorable bottle and the new Revolution Absolut Soup. The Blue Movie was a blue, berry based beverage which had a subtle taste of lemon and apple alongside the blueberry base flavour. The Absolut Soup is my new favourite cocktail in the world, EVER. Coconut, apple and grapefruit. It’s a good job I was driving, else I could of happily drunk ten in a row. Partttaaayyyyy.

Now on to the main event – THE FOOD. As mentioned, I always love Revolution food, so was excited to try some of the new additions to the menu. It was so hard to choose just one main each, but I guess that’s just an excuse to head back to try the other dishes we were eyeing up ASAP. The menu is all about the comfort food vibe, with a twist of hot sauce and smokey flavours littered throughout the dishes. I’m not going to lie – if you’re looking for the healthy option, you should probably head to Sainsbos and get a salad. But if you’re after delicious, baby belly inducing meal which keeps you full for hours (seriously, we ate at 2 and I’m still stuffed now at 8.30pm) then Revolution is the place for you.
Prices are what you’d expect. They’re not extortionate, but they’re not Weatherspoons either. Anyway, after eyeing up, erm… Everything. It was a toss up for me between the Fizz Bomb burger, or the Triple Overload….


As you can see, my eyes were bigger than my belly and I couldn’t resist going for the Triple Overload. Hey, what can I say? I just love eating three types of animal at one time. The Triple Overload came complete with a steak knife stabbed through the centre to hold it all together. The layers of meat included pulled pork, buttermilk fried chicken and a classic cheese burger on the bottom. I really loved the contrast of the cool garlic sauce against the fiery Armageddon sauce, and not to mention the buttery sweetness of the brioche bun inbetween each layer. Sprinkled with BBQ Crackling Puffs, the textures were just as exciting as the flavours.  For my side dish I went for Smokin’ Fries, which were regular fries coated in beans, ‘smokinnaise’ and onions. I must admit, I wish they were a little more… wet? But despite that, the flavours continued to be damn tasty and nothing that wasn’t solved with a good splash of the Rev’s house ketchup, which had a delicious fruity taste.

My partner in dine (ugh, that play on words replacing crime with dine didn’t quite work, did it?) chose the Street Food Crate… Which is ample to feed two people, but being greedy piggies we managed to eat pretty much everything. The Street Food Crate contained: Two pulled beef sliders, viper dusted fat chips, buttermilk fried chicken, dough dogs, BBQ crackling puffs, hot buffalo sauce, big easy mayo, chipotle sauce. The pulled beef sliders were NEXT LEVEL deliciousness. At first I just assumed they’d be the same as the pulled pork on my burger, but it was actually so much more rich, tender and tasty. The range of sauces which came with the food was also such a great way to enhance all of the meal choices, as there was something for anyone’s tastes included, alongside the house sauces which are available with any dish you order.

Food at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, Manchester

If you’re looking comfort food with a tasty twist at an affordable price, then check out your local Revolution Bar’s menu! If you want to read more about the new dishes on the menu, then check their blog out here.
Don’t forget, they also have offers on like Mega Monday, where you can try a selection of dishes for half price or you could invest in the Privilege Card which never fails to make a night out a bit cheaper (and sometimes you get free pants too). Thanks for having us Revs! Always a pleasure, never a chore.