London Life – What’s Your #SantanDeREAMS Location?

Being in my late twenties, I sometimes wonder if I made the right decision by staying in the same city for the whole of my life. I even went to Staffordshire University, which is about 20 minutes away from where I’ve always lived and have never lived anywhere else. I dabbled with living near the city centre when at uni, but have found myself back to outskirts, surrounded by fields now I’ve settled in my own flat, post studies.  There’s something about being surrounded by greenery that makes it feel like home, and even though I occasionally consider cutting the cord and moving somewhere a bit more fancy like Manchester, I just don’t think I’ll ever do it. I just love it too much where I am.
Saying that though, when approached by Santander for their #SantanDeREAMS campaign it made me wonder about another location I would only dream to live in the UK. The first place I thought of was London. Although I don’t think I’d survive for a week in the big city, there’s something which draws me in to it. It’s the complete opposite of everything I know and am comfortable with. But what are the pros and cons of living in the capital? And could I realistically see myself there?

The Benefits of Living in London

FOOD: Yes, we all know by now that I love food. I love it a lot. London is such an effervescent display of food from around the WORLD, that it makes my tummy sing with happiness each time I go. Around here thee’s no choices for food and what I wouldn’t give to be able to pop to Itsu for my lunch every day and wonder down to Ping Pong for some Dim Sum on a casual week day evening. Instead, all we have here is chain pubs serving pre-packed gruel with less imagination than someone who’d make a basic Victoria sponge on the Great British Bake Off. Ergh.

Transport: If you live in London and moan about the transport then you really need to spend a week in a city up North sometimes. Well spend a day in Stoke on Trent and you’ll see what I mean. The underground is so regular and cheap in comparison to other places. Every time I’ve been I’ve waited no longer than 5 minutes for the next train to turn up! Although I’m disgruntled that for some reason I can’t get a Zone 1-4 day pass and have to pay extra to go Zone 1-6 when I’ve no intention of going though to anywhere in 6, it’s still so reasonable compared to a £5 day trip pass on a bus around here. Buses that only run once an hour until 5 pm, meaning that getting a job means that driving is a non negotiable part of your employment opportunities.

Jobs: I’m very happy in my job right now, but I do wonder what the opportunities would be like in the big city! I mean, I don’t even work in my home city, as the only place who used to employ people for SEO in general was Phones4U and when that went kaplunk so did the 100’s of jobs which it housed. At the moment I have to drive for an hour to Cheshire to fulfil my employment dreams, but imagine living in London where these job are literally on your doorstep.
Parks: Now this one will sounds really weird, but parks in London are actually used as parks?! Around here we have lots of green areas and outdoor spaces, but not a lot of people tend to use them to their full potential. This is probably because lots of people already have back gardens and outdoor space and it’s not as comment in London with so much urban, built up space. If I went to the park on my own on a sunny day I’d probably get so many odd looks in Stoke! Especially if I wore some roller blades or something, but in London it’s common to see groups or individuals making the most of the green spaces and I was actually in awe at seeing grown ups skate through the parks on their own! As I said – bit of a weird one, especially if that’s something you’re used to seeing, but coming from round here, seeing things like that is a novelty I tell you!

Blending In:  As with the last one, if you go out in to the street around here and got someone to take your picture as you posed or took a selfie, you’d get so many weird looks! But in London, with so many tourists and people used to seeing camera’s out, you can take a selfie or a picture around people without so much of a second glance. I love how you can just blend in and not feel self conscious about stuff like that. As soon as you step out of your door here, there’s someone saying hello and noticing you, which is nice and everything, but there’s something about anonymity of London living which does appeal to me in a really weird way. Although I guess that can boarder on being quite a lonely life over a prolonged period of time?
So could I relocated and move to London? In reality – probably not. It’s all a bit too much to make such a life commitment to. But for a day trip here and there it’s very exciting and somewhere where I would only dream about relocating to if I ever wanted to be thrown completely out of my comfort zone! 
-Where would you live, if you could like anywhere else in the UK?-