Savse Smoothies - They're a Bit Super

Juicing diets seem to be all the rage for getting in shape for summer don't they? Whilst one cannot live on juice (diets) alone (in my opinion), juicing is a pretty snazzy way to get some of that crucial 5 a day in to your diet. In fact, I bought a new blender in an attempt to bash some fresh smoothies and juices out for summer, but I used it once and now it is redundant in my kitchen. Woe is the blender.

When Savse got in touch to see if I wanted to try out some of their pre-made juices in handy little bottles, I felt like it was the final nail the blenders coffin. That week where I used it was great and all, but buying fruit is eeeeefffort (I jest, it's not actually that bad, I just always forget when I got the shop and get side tracked by biscuits).

I was intrigued by the Savse Smoothies as they for once, don't contain A LOAD OF BANANA, like most smoothies do at the supermarket. I'm not a massive banana fan and I always find they are too gloopy for me to handle a lot of the time. Not to mention the flavour always seems to dominate whatever flavour of smoothie you're trying to make/drink. Each one is 2 of your 5 a day which works really well for me, considering my regular diet is pretty unhealthy with minimal fresh fruit and veg on the go. I just forget to eat it and always have something else in which needs eating first, honest.

As Savse juices are a mixture of fruit and vegetables, I can imagine some people not taking to them as well as others. The Super Purple, for example, which contains beetroot is overpowered by the beetroot flavour, but you do get a nice tangy after taste from the lemon and lime. Super Red was probably my favourite out of them all, as it was a really tart strawberry and orange flavour, almost like drinking jam... But in a more more palatable way. You could barely taste the broccoli or kale in it, but they're not the most offensive flavours in the world anyway really. 

Overall, worth a try if you're lazy like me and need a quick fix of something healthy when you're out and about. They're fairly small bottle sizes, but really filling at the same time. I found them really good to have for breakfast on days in between my protein shake when I fancied something a little different. 

-You can find out more about Savse juices online here-

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  1. These look so yummy =]

  2. That red juice sounds fab! I always go out with good efforts to buy fruit, and then it goes mouldy.

    1. Ditto! I've seen more fruit in the bin than in my belly!

    2. Ditto! I've seen more fruit in the bin than in my belly!

  3. Amazing post!!!


Thanks for the comment!

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