Spring Has Sprung with Pixi Make Up

Spring Has Sprung with Pixi Make Up
I absolutely love the branding of Pixi beauty products – it’s fresh, it’s fancy and it’s just the essence of Spring in a make up brand. They’re one of my most lusted over brands of the past few months. Needless to say, when they landed at work I instantly did the ‘heart eyes emoji’ and sweet talked my way in to trying some bits to review. Life = made + endless love for my colleagues.
I have tried a few things from Pixi by Petra before, including a pencil eye liner, which must be the only pencil eye liner I’ve ever tried and liked?! The entire brand ticks all the boxes for me in terms of appearance, quality of product and they even take the time to like your Instagram pictures. Winner in my book!

pixi foundation brush

I spotted the Pixi Full Coverage Foundation brush over on Really Ree’s blog a few weeks ago and knew that at some point I needed to get my paws on it. After becoming obsessed with using my Real Techniques Face Brush (converting from being adamant I’d never opt for foundation brushes over applying it with my hands!) I’ve been eyeing up other foundation brushes but not seen any others which ‘fit’ what I want. Foundation brushes tend to be those soft, flat, longer bristled ones, which I really don’t like. The Pixi foundation brush is a nice sturdy brush head, with a compact density of bristles. It effortlessly blends your foundation and concealer in and picks up minimal product within the brushes itself. I’ve found with the Real Techniques brush you are left with a lot of foundation on the bristles afterwards, but don’t get me wrong, I find this quite nice if you just want a quick top up of make up later in the day! Waste not, want not and all that….

pixi concealer
The Pixi Undercover Crayon is a waterproof concealer, which is perfect for hiding that dull greyness a heavy weekend brings on a Monday morning. ‘Perk Up Peach’ is a delicate pinky peach tone which brightens and neutralises the under eye area and any other places where you want to hide a blemish or two. The formula is a little harder than I would like when applying directly to the delicate under eye area, but if you warm a little on your finger beforehand, you can dab it on more gently. For use on spots, you can apply it directly (as long as they’re not to tender!) and re-use the foundation brush to blend it out. Although the formula is full coverage, waterproof and kinda hard, it’s surprisingly workable? It’s not got the creaminess of some concealers in pencil form that I’ve tried, but with wild rose and licorice root it not only covers your under eye darkness but works against it in the long run too.
pixi eye shadow kit
Pixi Palette Bronzette is the perfect little make up kit if you’re eyeing up a few Pixi make up products, but unsure what to get! Coming in at around £24 and containing 15 different set powders, it’s a versatile set which can be used in a number of ways. I love the blushers in this and use the brown one for a subtle contour, whilst the pinkish shade adds a pop of colour to the apples of my cheeks, finished with the lovely brownish, golden glow of the highlighter across the tops of the cheek bones I just pretending to create (God bless hamster cheeks). The eye shadows are a brilliant selection of taupes, bronzes and peachy tones to complete a Spring themed make up look. It all just has this really lovely sun kissed hue to every shade. They’re super easy to blend with an eye shadow brush, and with the well thought out lay out and selection of shades you really can’t go wrong when it comes to the colour combinations!

I’ll do a full post about the Pixi Glow Mist  in about a week – I want to give it a good go to see if it has any effects on my skin in the long run! So far, so good though and it really does at a lovely dewy finish to your face when used after your make up. I’ll also be blogging about my great weekend at Clevedon Hall too, which is where the above mirror selfie was taken, so keep a look out for both of those over the next few days, if you’re interested, that is!
– You can find Pixi make up online from Beauty Expert here