Style By Portobello: Vintage Box

Style By Portobello: Vintage Box
It seems like nowadays you can get subscription boxes for just about anything doesn’t it? From geek filled boxes in the form of the Z Box from Zavvi, to Pawesome ones for your pets – if it can fit in a box and be delivered, you can probably subscribe to it!
One type of subscription box I’ve not encountered before, is a fashion based one. And that’s where the Style by Portobello Vintage Box comes in! Although it’s not the cheapest box on the market at £35,  it is certainly one of the most unique that I have come across in all my years of paying attention to these little boxes of joy. Inside this monthly box you get a selection of handpicked vintage items to treasure. But it can vary, as the number of items you get inside the box depends on the value of each item. So in some boxes you can receive one pricey vintage find, or  in others you will receive around 3 of the same value. Each month is a surprise and you put your faith in the hands of the Style be Portobello stylist to curate the best contents for your box. 
Inside my Style by Portobello Vintage Box*, I received a rather snazzy scarf, a chunky gold coloured necklace and a burgundy clutch. The clutch is lovely and just the right size and style for a night out. I’m really funny when it comes to using secondhand bags, as for some reason it can really gross me out. I’m not sure why, I mean, it’s not like someone has been carrying poop around or anything, but I hate when they don’t feel ‘clean’ and you put your hand in. Luckily this vintage clutch is clean and beautiful and I really like it! I even put my hand in it…. The gold chunky necklace is also my cup of tea. It’s not something I’d go in to a shop and choose usually, but now I’ve got it I like to wear it and pretend I’m in Run DMC. Huh.
This is where subscription boxes really appeal to me, as you can  discover things without even trying. Quite often I’ll go in to a shop with the intention to buy something different, only to stick to the same styles again and again. With these types of boxes you can be thrown out of your style comfort zones, and kinda like it!
Style By Portobello: Vintage Box
-You can buy the Style by Portobello Vintage Box online here
What would you like to see in your box? Are you a fan of Vintage?