The Floral Jumpsuit

Do you ever get a blogger opportunity for clothing and think 'Screw it! I'm going to go for something completely random, something I'd never buy because I wouldn't think it would suit me, something  totally not my cup of tea' - Only to choose and receive such things then actually fall in love with them?

That's what happened when I chose this Floral Jumpsuit from the George at Asda range. For many years I've admired ladies who can pull such garments off, but I've never braved wearing something like this for myself. Until now. I. Love. It. I always assumed that something like this would make me look like a female version of Andy Pandy, wearing some kind of pyjama outfit out and about. But even if I do look like that I don't care, because not only is it great in appearance (in my opinion) but it's also super comfortable too!

My only criticism of it really, is that being a pear shape, it really could do with a zip on the size! It takes some wriggling past the bum area to go to the toilet, so I really do have to plan in advance. It's refreshing not to have a horrid elasticated waist on it, but like I say; ZIPS PEOPLE. it's nothing I can't cope with though and maybe it's an excuse to hit to gym more so I can wriggle in and out of the jumpsuit a bit quicker! For £20 though, I can't complain (check it out online here) and it's one of those things where it's worth getting a cheap version first to see if it suits you and then splashing out on more and more designs  when you realise you can pull it off (or is that just something I do>).

The other thing I really like about it, is that it looks a bit like a maxi dress, but you have the added wind security of it being really wide leg trousers at the bottom. No Marilyn Monroe moments for me! I wore it for the lovely meal at Clevedon Hall last weekend and I'm going to try and wear it for work this week and go for Business style Stevie Nicks.... What do you reckon?

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