Unboxing The ‘Animation’ ZBox

Unboxing The 'Animation' ZBox on Hello Terri Lowe, UK lifestyle blog.
I don’t really admit to this so much nowadays – but I’m a bit of a closet geek. When it comes to anything which is quirky, cute or just a bit nerdy, I’m on it like Sonic. It stems from an obsession with everything Super Mario Bros related from a very young age. Ahhh, the days when you’d have to blow in to the games cartridge to get Duck Hunt to work in your NES as a child… Then progressing to the humble Playstation (before it was re-branded as a PS1) to play Crash Bandicoot and Ridge Racer… I wonder if having a boys name correlates with the fact I was mainly in to boy things as a child (sorry, gender neutral toy campaigners, I was there first!).
Throughout my adult life I’ve had passing obsessions with many things a bit, well, pointless. From my Sanrio/Hello Kitty/San-X hoards from the age of 15-21(ish) to my Kid Robot/Vinyl Toy collection now; I’ve always been a hoarder of anything cute. Some of this has made it’s way in to my car and other things are now placed on my shelves gathering dust. I’ve not really bought anything new for a while in terms of collectables, as one day a few years ago I did have the sudden realisation that it was a massive waste of money…. That is until a recent discovery sparked my obsessions again… In the form of Funko Pop Vinyl figures.

Unboxing The 'Animation' ZBox on Hello Terri Lowe, UK lifestyle blog.

If you’re not familiar with Pop Vinyl, it’s basically figures of ultra cool characters from your favourite TV shows and movies but with big heads and little bodies. The big eyes also get me every time. At work I overheard that Zavvi sold Funko Pop Vinyl figures and immediately scouted around the office for any I could get my hands on (I work in the HQ, you see but it’s not a site that I work on). My scavenging proved fruitless and I resorted to buying a Pop Vinyl Groot one day when there was a discount on site. He is a lovely addition to my life.
On another day of ear wigging on other people’s conversations, I heard about this other little thing called a Zbox which you can find out more about here. I was absolutely gutted that I missed out on the January Zbox which was cosmic themed and again, included my favourite little man Groot. It’s ok though, because the Zbox this month has (almost) made up for missing out. And it’s also curbed my cravings to splash out on more Pop Vinyl’s, as this months Zbox contains a super fantastic Big Hero 6 Pop Vinyl within it! Yippee! In my box I got the Hiro Hamada Pop Vinyl and awww just look at how cute he is *squishes his hard and cumbersome plastic cheeks*

The theme of this Zbox is Animation, and as you can see it’s jam packed with loads of little nerdy goodies. One thing I really liked about it was that you get a little magazine inside too which is a great little addition when you’re used to booooooring beauty boxes with little reading material within! There was also a Ducktales Comic. Just the other day I was describing how my flat was a bit like Scrooge McDuck’s Money Vault – but instead of swimming through money, I’m wading through beauty samples on my floor. Maybe I should tidy up.

Costing £19.99 each box contains at least £35 worth of nerdy swag. When you consider the Pop Vinyl figures come in at £10.99 a pop on their own, you’re not getting a bad deal really!

Basically, the Zbox from Zavvi is a great change from beauty subscription boxes, especially if you’re a bit of a geek. There’s massive hype around the Marvel Themed box, which you can pre-order here and from the whispers I’ve overheard, it’s set to be a pretty jam packed one too!
-What’s your geeky guilty pleasure?-