American Candy From B&M

Last week I tried so hard to be healthy. I went to PIYO class – which you’d imagine to be quite a relaxed class really, combining Pilates and Yoga, but it’s the most intense class I’ve ever attended and my ‘glutes’ haven’t been right since. I also tried to cut down on the ol’ snacking and we even went on a delightful walk and ended up strolling in to town on Sunday. As we went to the sleepy Cheshire town of Congleton though, not a lot was actually open, so we just went in to B&M for the sake of it really. About half way around we stumbled upon the sweets and snacks section, only to discover there was a whole mod dedicated to American Candy and chocolates. Wahhhhh, bye bye waistline as I know it!
American Candy Haul From B&M
As you can see, I picked a bit of everything up. To be honest, I don’t need any of it, but when you go in to these American Sweet Shops in big towns you end up spying Twinkies for around a fiver a box. In B&M it was a completely different story though, and the box of 10 Twinkies cost £1.99. In fact this entire shopping basket of American candy only set me back £10 altogether. So, a bargain and totally justified, right?
I’d always actually ignored Twinkies anyway, because I just assumed they’d be like dry ‘madeira’ style cakes and a bit crap. However, I am now hooked. Ommgggg, just gooey, soft, sweet, deliciousness…. *insert Homer Simpson style drool*
American Candy Haul From B&M

I must say that I am a little disappointed with the Cookie Dough Bites though. They’re all a bit of an odd texture like they’ve been sitting in a warehouse for a few months or something. They’re not gooey like I expected and taste of that kind of gross fake chocolate flavour. This didn’t stop me eating them all though and surprisingly the Fudge Brownie ones were the best of a mediocre bunch.
I’ve not yet tried any of the Jolly Ranchers, but I do wish they’d stock the original hard candies like you used to be able to get from the paper shop years ago! I still remember the taste of the watermelon ones and how yum they were… How’s that for the best childhood memory you’ve ever heard, eh? I haven’t cracked open these Jolly Rancher Chews or Jelly Beans yet, but I have polished off those Strawberry Twizzlers, which I feel was a great achievement in my life.

So if you dig American Candy, pop to your local B&M and have a butchers!