BB Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Rennie #HappyEating

BB Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Rennie #HappyEating
On Saturday I popped down to London yet again for another blogging related adventure. I’ve not been to London since last years Camden Rocks festival, and I’ve been two consecutive weekends this month! I always miss London when I’ve not been for a while, but then end up hating the constant sea of people you’re always battling against. It’s like being at Leeds Festival when the headline act as finished, but all the time you’re in the city on every street ever.

#HappyEating with Rennie

This weekend I was invited by Rennie (I always get the urge to say ‘rapeeze’ after I say Rennie, how 90’s of me) to go on a sight seeing tour bus around London, which also just so happened to have Afternoon Tea on it as well. I simply had to go out of intrigue. It’s probably a little strange that Rennie chose some lavish treats for the event, but that was the idea really. That you should be able to enjoy your food without worrying about getting indigestion or heartburn, hence why the hashtag for the occasion was #HappyEating. When I was there I was also lucky enough to finally meet Katy from ‘Little Miss Katy’ and see my blog pal Victoria too!
BB Afternoon Tea Bus Tour with Rennie #HappyEating

BB Afternoon Tea Bus Tour

At first I was a little concerned about how eating cakes and drinking hot drinks would go down on a moving vehicles, but the BB Afternoon Tea Tour Bus had thought of everything. From the cute travel cups with lids on, to the plates being secured to the table with a little sucker thing. The usual 3 tier tall cake stands had been switched for longer, two tier ones for less wobble and the tour bus to be fair, drove at a pretty reasonable speed with minimal bumps around the centre of London for the two hour tour.

We got to see all the landmark sites in London and eat cake at the same time – perfect way to spent a Saturday, eh?

I’d never actually heard of the BB Bakery in Covent Garden who run the tour bus, and thought it was a slightly different brand which which is BB’s coffee and muffins… whoops! But the actual BB Bakery looks like a wonderful place and I will definitely visit on my next trip to London.

The food itself was lovely (apart from the mushroom quiches, I cannot bear mushrooms!) and there was an excellent selection of both sweet and savoury items. I did think it was a shame we didn’t have a little menu or anything so we could read about what we were eating, but that didn’t really detract from the experience anyway. My favourite from the afternoon tea selection was the Salmon Blini and the custard filled profiterole thing. Mmmm. The freshly squeeze orange juice was also delicious and everything on the bus was branded with stylish drawings which reminded me of the Parisian style ones you see on the My Little Box subscription box. 
Not only did we get some lovely treats to eat on the actual bus tour, but we also got a little box with two bonus cupcakes in to take home. I was so full after the trip though, that I donated mine to a homeless chap on Oxford Street. He was asleep at the time so I hope waking up to some delicious cupcakes helped his day a little bit and bought a small smile to his face!

Big thanks to Rennie who arranged such a wonderful event and also thanks to the BB Afternoon Tea Bus team for being so welcoming and friendly. It was a great way to see London without battling against the crowds!