Gettin' Shirty: The Cats and Dogs Shirt

When I was browsing around Camden the other week, getting all lah-de-dah about being in LANDAN, I stumbled upon this beautiful garment. A garment like no other. A garment which made my life complete.

For the bargain price of £15 English Pounds (haggled down from £19 because I'm so thrifty and such), I got this beauty cat and dog print shirt, which also has a guest appearance from the odd rabbit too. It's just above knee length on me and I got a size M/L for a nice over sized fit (I'm a size 10 by the way). Worn with one of those £3 cami dresses from Primark underneath, it's pretty much my new go-to choice for every day wear.

It's so comfortable, so versatile, so me.

When I've shared this garment of wonder on Instagram a few people asked where it was from. So behold; I have found an eBay seller which is stocking it here

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  1. Ooh, my favourite thing you've ever blogged about!! #CATZ


Thanks for the comment!

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