Just Another Father’s Day Blog Post

I think Father’s Day posts are going to be doing the blog rounds faster than a box of fresh Krispy Kreme doughnuts in a hard worked office this week, aren’t they? It seems when it comes to Dad’s, our own is the weirdest one of all. Our friends can tell us the weird things their own Dad’s say and do, but truly, no one picks up on the weirdness of our own family like we do ourselves. 
I mean, just the other day I went to my parents house to find my dad had (and I quote) ‘A banging headache, I stayed up until 2am listening to Beanie Man, Sean Paul and The Thompson Twins (?) whilst drinking a litre of Orange Truffle Baileys’ – being used to these kinds of capers in my parents household, the only thing I really thought was unusual was the fact he was drinking Bailey’s when it wasn’t even Christmas.
My dad also has a fondness for anything 80’s (so, really, where Sean Paul comes in to the equation I’m not sure) and he has some kind of obsession with Adidas clothing and footwear. My brother bought him a pair of Adidas training shoes for Christmas the other year and they’re still in the box, as they’re simply too precious to wear and he’s waiting for his other trainers to ‘wear out’… Yeah, as I said, parents are a bit weird aren’t they?
Anyway, when Mainline Menswear asked if I fancied giving my dad a ‘pint of thanks’ for Father’s Day, and mentioned one of the options for the little gift box of goodies was an Adidas T Shirt, I knew I couldn’t reject the opportunity. He would never forgive me if he ever found out how to use the internet and somehow hacked my emails to discover this offer… (Seriously, once I tried to show him how to Google and it was like I was teaching him Swahili or something).
So anyway… This is my thanks to you Dad! Without you I wouldn’t be the completely grounded, rational, regular human being who integrates so well in to society, without a hint of awkwardness which I am today.