Little Lindt Luxuries

The other weekend I had a rather fruitless journey to Cheshire Oaks. I always find Cheshire Oaks is a little bit hit and miss when it comes to clothes shopping and bargain hunting, and this time it was a definite miss! However, I consoled myself in the Lindt shop and managed to drown my clothes shopping sorrows in copious amounts of chocolate.
Lindt is one of my favourite chocolate brands. I love Galaxy and Milka as well, but Lindt just always seems to be a bit more of a creamy, chocolatey treat. The shop had quite a few offers on at the time, including a really tempting pick and mix section in the middle. However, I restrained myself (insert ‘LOL’) by just getting two bars and one box of BALLS.

The two bars I picked up were Lindt with Raspberry and Lindt Creation Pistachio Delight. Both were a little bit different but contained two of my favourite ingredients. The Lindt with Raspberry bar has a runny, juicy, raspberry centre, encased with a thin coating of Lindt Chocolate whilst the Pistachio Delight bar had a creamy, nutty centre. 
When it comes to Lindt chocolate bars like this, I always wish they’d last longer, as they’re simply so delicious. Although I suppose it’s good otherwise I would literally never stop eating them. Lindt never seems to give that sickly feeling most other chocolate does. But maybe that’s just psychological, eh.

I’ve been wanting to try the Coconut Lindt Lindor for months now! But they’re never on offer in the supermarket, which is a bit annoying. I justified these by weighing up the price against the pick and mix option. Turns out your get more for your money when you get the boxes from the Lindt shop, but alas you don’t get to choose a variety from the flavours like you could with pick and mix. Anyway, I can say these were definitely worth the wait. I don’t know how Lindt make the Lindor chocolate so melt in the mouth delicious, but it’s not like any other chocolate I’ve tried. I absolutely love this coconut variety, but am limiting myself to 2 a day, otherwise I’d gobble them all in one go. 
-what’s your favourite chocolate?-