Make Up Revolution Contour Kit

This is actually a repurchase of this Make Up Revolution Contour Kit, as I went through the last one like wild fire! It’s not very often I actually repurchase beauty products, as I’m a sucker for new things, so generally replace anything I’ve used up with a new version of it by a different brand.
Not this time though…
The Make Up Rev Contour Kit is PERFECT for my pale face. Costing £3.50, it’s a bargain compared to competitors in the make up aisles. But not only is it a bargain price – it’s also actually my favourite contour kit I’ve ever used.
With 3 products in one, consisting of a bronzer, highlighter and blush, it’s definitely value for money. I don’t even need to state that. The blusher is my go-to blush even if I’m not bothering with a bit of bronze as a contour. I love the pink-rose-gold shimmer of it! It’s quite similar to one Sleek had out a few years ago, but a lot more wearable as it’s a pink tone rather than the orange/coral one that was. The bronze is subtle enough for a pale complexion, but adds that coveted shadow under your cheek bone, whilst the highlighter is a lovely oyster toned shimmer.

Make Up Revolution Contour Kit
Make Up Revolution Contour Kit
You can get Make Up Revolution products from your local Superdrug
Or bag the Makeup Revolution Contour Kit online here.