NEW: Freedom Make Up Pro Melts (With Swatches!)

first look and swatches freedom make up pro melts
Like those guys from Make Up Revolution hadn’t done enough for the world of quality budget make up brands, they’ve now gone and released an affordable sister brand in the form of Freedom Make Up. Because I’m a lucky little blogger, Freedom Make Up let me in on their secret a few days ago and I got my paws on the first batch of their brand new beauty products. Yippee!

Freedom Make Up Pro Melts

Apart from the amazing eyeshadows, complexion sets and other beautiful things I was sent, I also got the full collection of Freedom Make Up Pro Melts. Which are a selection of beautiful velvet finish lip glosses, which apply with a lovely sheen, whilst leaving a long lasting stain on your lips. I immediately cracked them out and swatched them like they were hot.
Swatch after swatch, the colours all applied an opaque finish with minimal effort. They smooth on a dream and the nude shade ‘D-ream’ hasn’t left my lips since I received it!

I will admit, some colours aren’t as impressive as others – such as Pro Melts in ‘Just Do It’ which despite the deep, blue shade in the tube, applies as a bit of a patchy blue goop on my lips. I think it would work well with a solid, matte blue lipstick underneath though. Despite Jammy Dodgy and TGIF appearing to be completely different shades in the tube (which TGIF looking a lot darker), they applied almost the same on my lips. But I’m not complaining, as both are such a luscious red shade, with a slightly different tone.

Saying this, my favourites from the freedom make up pro melts range are ‘D’ream’ ‘Up’ and ‘TGIF’ – which I’ve worn each day in turn since I got them. As mentioned, they apply with a really lovely shiny finish, but once you blot them/let them transfer throughout the day, you’re left with a stain which lasts for hours. They’re also not drying and my lips felt really smooth at the end of the day.

Freedom Makeup Pro Melt Swatches
Top from left to right: d’ream, up, smooth, sugar fix.
Bottom from left to right: wanted, just do it, jammy dodger, TGIF