NEW: Macadamia Professional Range

NEW: Macadamia Professional Range

NEW: Macadamia Professional Range

You wait for one new shampoo to come in to your life and suddenly four shampoos come at once....

I've been using the L'oreal Extraordinary Oil shampoo and conditioner for a while now, without actually feeling the need to change it as it's really affordable and it SO good for my hair (which is dry and damaged, glamorous I know). However, you know when you just fancy a change? Haircare is always one of those things where even when you find 'the one' you always scout out new scents and claims to give a whirl.

I've had the Macadamia Natural Oil Range before, and absolutely LOVED the shampoo. It's very rare that I find a shampoo alone to be sufficient to give me soft and manageable hair - but the Macadamia one? Good god, it's amazing. The price though? It's kinda of steep and can set you back anything from £15-£20 a pop (If I was a rich girl... la la la la la). 

There's a new Macadamia Range on the market now though, ready to give my follicles a fancy treat. First impressions when I received this hair care delivery from 'just my look' was that it didn't feel quite as high end as the original Macadamia Natural Oil Range, despite the similar price point. I much prefer the packaging on that range, and also the branding, as the green and brown design really appealed to me personally. But aesthetics aside, let's give this Macadamia Professional Range review a good go...

Upon use, I found the Macadamia Professional Range Nourishing Shampoo was a much thicker consistency than the original. I did find the liquid formula of the original slightly too runny, so often used way too much. I do find with this thicker formula I don't use quite as much. Is it as good as the other one? I don't personally think so. My hair didn't seem to feel quite as 'clean' although it did feel really soft and silky. The smell isn't quite the same as the other Macadamia products I've tried either, and it's a richer, almost chocolate like scent.

After squeezing the water out post shampoo, I then apply the Macadamia Professional Range Nourishing Conditioner. Once again, it's a thicker product and not quite as easy to squeeze out of the rigid plastic bottle. A little goes  long way though and applying from the mid lengths to the ends of my hair only required about half an egg sized amount. 

Rinsing the product out, once again, my hair felt silky and soft. After towel drying I've been applying the Macadamia Professional Range Weightless Leave in Conditioner Mist to help me comb through my hair before blow drying. It detangled pretty well and helped to leave a nice shine on my hair. I found by using all 3 products in the Macadamia Professional Range Nourishing Moisture set the time it took to actually blow dry my hair was pretty much halved! I had heard before that Macadamia Oil helped your hair to dry faster, but never noticed this when using the ranges before. With these new products though, I'm impressed!

But is it better than the original Macadamia Natural Oil products? For me personally, I prefer the formula of the original range over this new Macadamia Professional range. The shampoo particularly is up there on my 'best shampoo EVER' list. But if you do suffer from extremely dry/brittle hair then definitely give this a try! If you also want to cut blow drying time then definitely invest in this. It's by no means a negative review here; don't get me wrong! My hair is still amazingly soft and restored, but when compared to the original that's where the differences apply. If I'd never tried that one, then this would definitely be high up on the top hair care range list.

-You can nab this Macadamia Professional set online from Just My Look here-

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  1. i've tried one of their hair oils before but never the shampoo, definitely going to look for it!

    danielle | avec danielle // giveaway


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