#PawHumour – The Tale of Kitty

So me and my little pal Kitty have been together for 5 years this month. Oh time certainly does fly when you have a tiny one to look after doesn’t it? I remember the first night I bought her home. Her scrawny little tail which resembled a rat, and her love of weeing in my shoes. I’d like to say times have changed from her scampish first ways, but *sigh* she still likes to wee on my belongings (mainly coats at the moment) despite me spending an arm and a leg on bloody Feliway Diffusers. 
It was about the third day in to my new found life as a cat lady that I actually looked at Kitty and thought ‘Crap, I’ve got you for the next 18+ years’… A thought which hadn’t actually occurred to me in the years before when I yearned for a feline acquaintance of my own. Whoops. 
One thing I totally didn’t account for was vet bills. Apart from Kitty having her LOINS removed to prevent more unwanted kittens in the world (don’t get me started on people thinking their cats having kittens is ‘cute’ when there’s SO many being turned away from cat shelters already) I didn’t think anything would happen to my precious little fur ball, but in her 5 years I’ve had to take her to the vet twice for unexpected reasons. Luckily, after the first time I got myself some pet insurance so I could claim back to costs!
The first reason was due to an allergic reaction to that horrible flea treatment you get from the supermarket. I wouldn’t usually buy the cheap crap for my cat, but it was late at night and I couldn’t stand to see her sitting there itching and in discomfort all night! So the only time in my life I’ve been to the supermarket sans Make Up and in my PJs was to get her some flea treatment at about 1am. Turns out this was a bad decision as she developed a massive sore on the back of her neck. It was horrible. When I took her the vets it turned out to be dermatitis caused by the devil treatment. So always make sure you get proper flea treatments from the pharmacy or vets, rather than the cheap rubbish off the supermarket shelf. It should seriously be banned.
On the second occasion I took my little cat friend to the vet, was when she was ‘leaking’…. Ok, yes I know that sounds ridiculous, but she just kept leaving WET everywhere. I didn’t know if it was from her butt, her mouth, or if she’d just sprung a general leak?! It didn’t smell or anything, it was just like water…And no, she hadn’t been playing in the bathroom or anything, her fur was completely dry?! When I took her to the vets they looked at me like I was nuts (and granted, when I tell the story back that way, it sounds like I may have been a little odd), but they couldn’t work out where she was ‘leaking’ from either, hahahahaargghhhhh. Anyway, they charged me about £50 to give her a suppository up her butt (because somehow the diagnosis was constipation?!). Waiting in the reception to pay and the most AWFUL stench appeared…. Alongside with the vet shouting to a colleague ‘Can we get some tissue, Kitty Lowe has had a poo’ It was a little embarrassing for my precious little darling.  After that she was fine though, and didn’t leak again! 
I suppose the point is, that even if you take the best care of your little fluffy ones, some things can happen which you don’t expect. And if it costs £50 to have something shoved up her butt then I dread to think how much a serious operation would cost for her! And touch wood I’ll never have to find out….