Sunday Strolls: The Cloud, Congleton

Sounding more like a location from Game of Thrones than a little town on the edge of Cheshire, Congleton is a short 10 minute drive from where I live. This Sunday we went on a relaxed stroll to a place called ‘The Cloud’ which is on the edge of this sleepy Cheshire town (which I did mention in this rather delicious post here.
Each time I drive home from Manchester on the A34 I notice the big, forest filled hill in the distance and it wasn’t until recently that I actually discovered that it was this mystical place called The Cloud. So I donned by favourite Leopard print Nike trainers and we got a-walking! Apparently classed as a ‘hard walk’ we braved the erratic weather, which was a mixture of blazing sun and chilling winds, to scale the steep 2 and a half mile walk to see these views local people brag about.
To be fair, the terrain was a little difficult, but it was nothing unusual in this area really. Stoke on Trent and South Cheshire tend to be really hilly with lots of ups and down anyway, so I’m used to it. But saying that there were some pretty steep inclines and awfully spaced stairs to get up before we ended up reaching the highest point and seeing the view, which stretches as far as the eye can literally see. In the distance you can see landmarks such as Jodrell Bank, which is near Macclesfield, alongside what seems to be a thousand fields.  Overall, the walk took around 1 and a half hours, which isn’t too bad really and definitely a refreshing change of pace to my London adventures over the past few weekends!