The Bargain Find: Komono Watch

The Bargain Find: Komono Watch fro TK Maxx on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Fashion blog.
It’s been a while since I’ve bought a new watch, which I actually wear. I mean, I have my trusty Fossil watch which I wear daily and I recently got a Vivienne Westwood watch which I’ve still yet to take the links out of so it fits. I used to avoid metal bracelet watches completely, but since having my Fossil watch it hasn’t left my wrist…. Until now.
I was browsing the TK Maxx in Stanway Green on my way to Manchester the other day, (which is my new favourite TK Maxx ever by the way), and stumbled upon this Komono watch. At first I thought it was the biggest bargain in the world, as the box said £7 marked down from the RRP of £60. I know this brand does retail for a helluva lot more over on ASOS, so I popped to the till and bought it IMMEDIATELY. (In fact, you can check out the cost of them on ASOS here) Later I have discovered they’re only £14.99 on the TK Maxx website at the moment – but still a bargain nonetheless! 
At first I thought I wouldn’t actually wear it. Canvas straps seem to irritate me, especially when washing your hands and they get a little damp and just feel horrid against your skin. However, this was probably all in my head the entire time, as I’ve not noticed this irritation at all so far (and yes, I have been washing my hands! Cheeky.)
So my opinions have changed and I’m now eyeing up every canvas strap watch in existence, because once I cotton on to one new fad or another, I simply HAVE to buy multiple items in the same style….

The Bargain Find: Komono Watch fro TK Maxx on Hello Terri Lowe, UK Fashion blog.

-You can pick up this exact watch from TK Maxx online for the bargain price of £14.99 here
But don’t forget to check your local store for even further reductions in store!