Three Albums I Currently Drive To

Yes I'm living in 2002 and have a CD player in my car rather than a fancy MP3 thing which I can plug the AUX cable in to (whatever, I don't know technical terms). I've currently been going CD buying craycray after discovering that Poundland sells CD's and also the 'That's Entertainment' store in Manchester always has loads of offers on. 

When it comes to listening to full albums I tend to judge their score out of 10 from the amount of skipping I do. This means that some of my favourites albums aren't by my favourite bands and vice versa - some of my favourite bands don't do my favourite albums. In my car I have most things from Love with Arthur Lee to At The Drive In, but these 3 CD's are the ones I've been reaching for the most this month,

CSS // Cansei de Sur Sexy: The only reason I originally gave CSS the time of day was because they have a song named 'Let's make love and listen to Death from Above' and any music fan will know all about DFA1979. Any band which can reference them in their own songs gets a big tick in my book. I never actually listened to this album when it came out, but knew all the singles. I literally listen to this on a loop and every time it reminds me of a less screechy Bikini Kill/Le Tigre. 

Bloc Party // Silent Alarm: Bloc Party are one of those bands which I never really give the credit they deserve. Banquet is the song I whack up in the morning on my way to work to have a little car boogie. Once again an album which require minimal skipping, this is one of those which takes me back to pricking about playing Tony Hawk American Wasteland non stop when I left college!

Kanye West // My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy: My love, Kanye, has been getting a right bad rap after Glastonbury last night hasn't he? I must admit, it wasn't the best performance from him I've seen (the best will always be at The Big Chill!) but I still hold him close to my heart. I just love him. Dark Twist Fantasy is by far my favourite album from him, and I don't think anyone listens to this without doing the Nicki Minaj parts word-for-word, right? 

-What's your driving music preference?-

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  1. I've been buying CDs too, just to listen to whilst I drive! If I like an album, I listen to it on loop until I can no longer bear it anymore! In my player at the moment is Taking Back Sunday, Bombay Bicycle Club and Paramore (guilty pleasure!) I'm glad to see it's not just me who still loves buying CDs!
    Donna xx Polkadot Pink

    1. Paramore are totally my guilty pleasure too!!! At Leeds last year I knew EVERY SONG.

  2. Oohh Bloc Party - what an album! At the moment I'm loving driving to YYYs - Show Your Bones and The Beatles - Revolver. The Black Keys Brothers album is gooooood in the sun too! xx

    1. YYY's!!!! That's totally going on my 'to buy' list!


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