Twig + Dot Candles – They’re Scent-sational!

twig and dot candles

This weekend I attended the Relax with Ocean event in Manchester at the Victoria Warehouse Hotel. A day tailored to relax body and mind, it was certainly a different way for me to spend a Sunday afternoon! I’ll write the full post about that wonderful blogger event soon, but today’s post features the wonderful Twig+Dot Candles I won in the raffle at the end of the event. Yippee!
I won three candles from Twig + Dot altogether, and each one came in a heafty glass jar with metal lid. I obviously googled them as soon as I got home to find that each of these luxury, hand poured soy candles had an RRP of £15 each. So not a bad haul really, eh! The three scents I won were Carousel, Clean Slate and Deep Calm – all perfect to continue the relaxation vibes at home.
My absolute FAVOURITE from this trio is Carousel. With a creamy, delicious scent of Marshmallow and Vanilla, it’s the most amazing scent my ‘candle shelf’ has seen for a while (what do you mean you don’t have a candle shelf?!). I’ve left the lid off and the aroma is so amazing, I keep getting a whiff of it all the way from my sofa and wonder what it is for a few seconds before I remember it’s the candle. Some people might think the combination of Marshmallow and Vanilla would be a little sickly (like some Yankee Candle can be *barf*) but this definitely isn’t. It’s the most dreamy smell, ever. 
Clean Slate is a combination of Waterlily, Iris and Rain – a fresh, dewy scent, which reminds me a little bit of fresh washing whilst Deep Calm is a relaxing Neroli and Camomile fragrance, which is the perfect take home from such a chilled out event.
As I mentioned, the full Yoga day post will be coming soon, but I just couldn’t wait to share this pretty magnificent candles. 
-You can check out the Fig+Dot Candle range online here