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I suppose when it comes to Marks and Spencers clothing, a lot of people still think of it being a bit of a granny brand. Nothing but those gross plastic rain hoods and powder pink cotton coats, with a distinct scent of lavender. But lemmeeeee tell you - M&S is one of my favourite places to shop since around Christmas time. Their beauty hall has a heap of luxury beauty brands (often with great offers on!) including Nuxe, Stila, Philip Kingsley and Pur Minerals. Not to mention their own brand perfumes which smell distinctly like some popular high street scents, without a hint of lavender!

When I was recently contacted by them for part of the M&S 'Summer Essentials' campaign, I picked this dress as my one 'must pack' item. But note; this post isn't the post for that actual campaign. I've not received the rest of my holiday themed swag yet. - I just simply had to share this dress straight away before it went out of stock (as it's in the sale now too!)

Hello Terri Lowe - UK Fashion Blog.

I've worn this twice to work now, as the office has been a little bit hot and I love the midi length of it (okay on the website it's knee length, I'm pretty short you know). It means I still get a nice breeze on my legs whilst not having to worry too much about the fake tan! It's totally not something I'd usually choose, but I thought it would be a great 'all round' dress for most occasions; and it turns out I was right. A few people have asked me where it's from and when the reply is 'Marks and Spencers' they're pretty surprised - and I don't blame them! Who'd have thought they'd do such snazzy garments, eh?

I'll no doubt mention it again when the holiday essentials parcel gets here, so keep a look out if you just NEED to see it again *wink*

What do you think of M&S clothing? 
Would you ever think to shop there for anything but FOOD?

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  1. Normally it would be just food (if I had more money) but I really love this dress it's stunning

    Laura xx

  2. I love this dress, I have a similar shirt in the same design from M&S. The clothing always surprises me every time I go in :)

  3. I walk through M&S most days to get to work (it's a short cut ha) and I have noticed some gorgeous items, not just granny items! This dress looks fab on you, not sure my curves would do it justice!


    Em’s Mixed Bag…..

  4. ER, THAT DRESS IS STUNNING. I'm going straight on M&S. :)
    Sheree xx

  5. This dress is gorgeous & so different too. It's got an air of vintage/one off piece about it too.
    Bee xxx

  6. Ooo Marks and Spencer has seriously upped its game in the last few years, and this is gorgeous!


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