Living With a Cat and the Price of Corned Beef

It's been just over two years now since I parted ways with my old housemate and flew solo in my own little flat, with my cat. At the beginning of next month I'm moving in to a REAL HOUSE with AN OUTSIDE BIT and I'm so excited to finally have somewhere to put my bike, sit in the sun and perhaps let Kitty out for a little explore. I love my little flat, but even though it's quite spacious for a one bed, I just feel more and more claustrophobic with the more stuff I acquire! Yeah I could clear out and get rid of it, but where's the fun in that? I have big plans for my new place, which include making the second bedroom an elaborate walk in wardrobe type thing - but whether this will happen I'm not sure, because Kitty is already eyeing up a full room for herself with all her little toys. And cats have this way of sucking you in to feeling bad when they don't get their own way don't they? 

There's a few things I've learnt in my time living completely alone, and if you're planning to do it there are a few things to consider! Such as the following:

You have to buy toilet roll: Even though my flat is above a shop I  ALWAYS run out of toilet roll. Like, seriously. The only way to avoid this happening is by actually hoarding packs of 32 at a time, and even then you lure yourself in to a false pretence of thinking you have a never ending supply and still get caught short! Youths just so happen to always be hanging around outside the shop when situations which lack toilet roll occur, so then you have to resort to drying facewipes on the radiator before you can treat yourself to a wee.

Lightbulbs are freakin' expensive: Right, what happened to the price of lightbulbs?! I SWEAR they used to be about 59p?! Now they're about a fiver! I know this probably sounds trivial, but FFS, bring back those old bulbs which I didn't have to put off buying for weeks in favour of fancy juices and other treats. Although granted, the new fangled energy efficient lightbulbs which you do part money with last so much longer than older ones, which also used to suck your energy bills dry with their high Watt usage! I'm also not as scared that they're going to pop in my hands when I change them either! And what happened to just 3 choices when it came to lightbulbs too? The other week the kitchen light went and I had to take two trips to Homebase before I realised it was some magical switch-plug thing in the side which needed changing. Apparently 1 in 4 people don't know how to change a lightbulb and I liked to think I was pretty savvy before that experience. There's even a little bit on the Lightbulbs Direct website here which let's you see the difference between normal bulbs and daylight ones. Technology, eh!

Tuna and Corned Beef is also quite expensive too: I always thought that Tuna and Corned Beef were those cheapo sandwich fillers that your mum gave you when you'd really got on her nerves. Turns out they're much more pricey than I ever imagined. £1.29 for corned beef? Ya kidding me?

When things go bump in the night: Oh gahhhdddd, the amount of times I've kept myself awake, freaking out by thinking elaborate things about ghosts and ghouls and youths. It takes the slightest thing to trigger my mind racing too. From imagining my loft hatch has moved, to seeing a clip of a (non) scary film for a split second on the TV, it just makes my imagination run away and occasionally I have a mild panic.... but only to shortly forget about it and fall asleep anyway. Whoops.

Don't get me wrong though, I absolutely LOVE not having to rely on housemates to help pay rent and the bills. I also love that I can have my own space to decorate how I want and arrange my furniture how I want too.  So roll on the beginning of August where I have even more room to make my own!

Hopefully this shouldn't affect my blog too much and the transition should be sweet, but no doubt I'll be tweeting passive and actively aggressive tweets if it doesn't!

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  1. The most annoying thing about when you move is SORTING OUT YOUR INTERNET!!

  2. All of this! Also, having guests totally depletes your supply of toilet paper far more quickly than you'd realise.

  3. I've just moved in to my own little flat and oh man the lightbulb thing is ridiculous, I keep forgetting to buy one for my living room light, I'm sure I'll replace it eventually and be able to have proper light in there. Haha. I also freak out of the smallest thing ever aha, however living alone is much better than sharing!
    Kloe xx


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