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If you've been following me on Twitter (@helloterrilowe) then you would have no doubt heard me whinging and moaning about moving house this week! You know when you have an idea late one night to see if there's any houses to rent in your area? And then one thing leads to another and within a few days you've paid deposits and signed credit checks off, only to then stop and think WOAAAHHH what am I doing?? Well, that's the scenario which has happened. I was casually browsing last month and stumbled upon this awesome little house two streets away from where my one bedroom flat was and boom! Here I am. Typing this blog post, from my new living room with lovely big bay window, and laminate flooring, with a tonne of boxes around me knocking off the feng shui,... 

I also have a very timid Kitty which is skulking around, learning about her new home, alongside a wardrobe which needs to be built. WHY IS THERE SO MUCH TO DO?! 

Just whilst I'm unpacking/organising my life, I know I owe a LOAD of PR and SEO types a blog post or two. So apologies if you're waiting for one from me! It will come in good time. And if you're waiting for another from me via work, then please also bear in mind I'm off until Wednesday and will have a heap to catch up on when I get back. By all accounts give me a nudge at some point, but please give me some time to trawl my emails! 

Normal blogging will resume in a few days. Pinky promise! 

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  1. Sounds exciting moving into a new place! Spur of the moment decisions are scary but always good too. Hope you and your kitty settle in well :)

    Cat |

  2. I've just moved into a new place too and it's taking ages to get it all settled! Hope you and your kitty enjoy your new place :) xx

  3. Congrats on the house move, sounds exciting! I dream of the day I have laminate floors (wish this was a joke).

    Claire | | xx

  4. haha Don't worry, Terri! A new house, it's a new adventure ;-)
    Enjoy it and, especially, have fun with home décors (the best part of the whole moving process)

  5. Yay for new adventures - hope the new house is great and you and Kitty settle in soon.


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