Iceland – A Culinary Adventure

Okay, Iceland definitely isn’t one of the most glamorous of places to do your weekly food shop and we won’t mention their lack of compliance when you try and give them a voucher for pizza, but I’ve got to say – it’s one massive frozen food adventure. I initially went in because my friend wouldn’t shut up about the bake at home American style waffles. I bought said waffles and GOOD GOD they are excellent. At first I turned my nose up at the fact they cost £3. But it was £3 well spent and they are the dream breakfast.
Apart from the breakfast waffles of dreams, I also picked up some other goodies for tea time (or as the southerners reading will call it ‘dinner’). For WELL under a tenner I got enough food to feed around 4 people. But instead I was feeding two very greedy people. And what a treat it was.

The Iceland Corn Bread was simple to ‘bake’ and although not the classic corn bread you’d find in an authentic American eatery, it was alright! It wasn’t the dense, corny texture of a ‘real’ corn bread, but more of a regular bread with corn in. Despite that though – it was lovely. A nice fluffy texture inside, with a satisfying crispy crust. Perfect for dipping in the Pulled Pork and Bean Hash.

I’m not sure why we went for two different types of pulled pork. I’ve been *over* pulled pork for a while, but what can I say? I’m just a bit greedy. And I suppose pulled pork will always have my heart. The Pulled Pork and Bean Hash was pretty darn tasty and combined a delicate spice with the stodge of the potatoes and the chew of the pork really well. It was definitely more destined for a microwave than the Jim Beam Pulled Pork was anyway! 

Yup, because I’m super lazy and avoid the oven at all costs, I did the Jim Beam Pulled Pork in the microwave (it said I could on the instructions!) but it ended up being a little too chewy. Unlike the pulled pork hash, you could *tell* this was microwaved and it had a bit of a plasticy taste as well. I don’t think this was deterred me from trying it again though, next time I will just cook it in a real oven!

Overall, a surprisingly tasty meal for a reasonable budget. Iceland – I’ll be back.