Oh My Blog! The #BloggersBlogAwards

Oh My Blog! The #BloggersBlogAwards with Tea Party Beauty on Hello Terri Lowe, UK lifestyle blog!
Excuse my whilst I practice my shocked-through-to-gracious-loser face. 
It came as a MASSIVE surprise and honour today to be nominated for Best Social Media Account over on Tea Party Beauty’s Bloggers Blog Awards! I noticed the hashtag crop up on my Twitter feed so many times since Hayley came up with hosting a blog awards by bloggers for bloggers, but I never actually considered that anyone would nominate me. I’M SO CHUFFED.
If you don’t follow me on Twitter, then you can see my timeline of often ridiculous life narrations by heading to @HelloTerriLowe
I don’t even mind if I don’t win. I’ll still attend the awards in Leeds just to mingle with other bloggers. After attending the #bigbloggerconference with work this weekend I’ve reignited my zing for blog events, after a brief time of falling out of love with them. 
Anyway, if you do want to vote for me, you can head to Hayley’s blog here and fill in the survey.As mentioned, I don’t mind not winning because I’m already practising my gracious loser face. But I won’t be a loser no matter what the outcome because I’m a winner on a daily basis in life anyway. Hey, you have to toot your own flute now and again don’t you? I just toot mine every day. Also, if I win I might have to prepare a speech and people might not understand my Stokie accent.
Good luck to all the other bloggers nominated!
P.S: I’m not actually sure why my hair looks so wild in these pictures, I think I used too much volumising spray. Whoops.