#ShareYourSerenity with Portmeirion

When Portmeirion got in touch with their absolutely amazing #ShareYourSerenity competition to ‘share my serenity’ to be in with the chance of winning a relaxing break at possibly the BEST place in Wales, I couldn’t resist giving it a go! I’m not usually one for writing blog posts in order to enter competitions, but seriously, this is worth it.  Portmeirion is one of the most beautiful places in the UK that I’ve ever been to. 

#ShareYourSerenity with Portmeirion

When it comes to my serenity, I like to settle for the simple things in life really. Working 5 days a week and forever on my work emails out of office hours can make it quite hard to switch off from the things I *have* to do, especially when I actually enjoy my job so much. Sometimes when you do a job you love, you do forget about yourself a little bit without even realising.

Since having my little niece in my life since she was born in December I’ve loved spending time with the little cheeky chap! There’s something about the wonder of watching them grow up every time you see them which is both really exciting and also a little sad because you want them to stay small forever. Taking this little one on days out and making her laugh is such a great way to forget stresses of every day life…. Even if it is a little tiring!

Every night before I go to bed I like to completely switch off by watching complete trash on Netflix (but don’t we all?). I think I’ve been through pretty much every series on there, but keep coming back to the US Office and Arrested Development, although this week I have been watching a lot of Fresh Meat! Watching things I have to concentrate on or think about just makes me too on edge before bed, so thank you Netflix for being in my life.

  1. the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled.

    “an oasis of serenity amidst the bustling city”

One of the biggest parts of my life which helps me to unwind and relax is having my own place with my cat, Kitty. I’m a rather ‘anti-social’ person overall, and when I’m surrounded by an office full of people for a majority of the day there’s nothing I enjoy more than coming home and just having a lovely sit with my little cat. Yeah, sure, she likes to scratch and bite sometimes… But I guess that’s part of her charm.
After moving home last week, I’ve been having an absolute nightmare with my hot water system. Today it was finally fixed and I took serenity to the next level by enjoying an actual bath. A lovely, hot, steamy bath. It was absolute bliss to spend a good two hours relaxing in the tub with a candle lit and a facemask slathered on my chops on a Friday night. Gone are the days where I used to get all Andrew WK on a weekend and now I much prefer a good relax and a lie in.

If you want to #ShareYourSerenity to be in with the chance of winning a night at Portmeirion Village with a relaxing 3 course dinner, then just head here to find out more. But on the other hand, maybe I shouldn’t be sharing this information because I REALLY, REALLY need to go Portmeirion again!! I was hoping to get tickets for Festival No6, but alas, moving house as bankrupted me…. Another reason why I feel I deserve this little treat. But hey, I won’t milk the sympathy vote too much…. Yet.