SWIG Hip Flask - The Upmarket Festival Essential

SWIG Hip Flask - The Upmarket Festival Essential

With Leeds Festival almost upon us, it's time to start planning the packing! I suppose on first glance, this Harris Tweed Hip Flask from SWIG doesn't look like your typical festival essential; BUT LET ME TELL YOU....  It's *the* festival essential for when you want to appear a little classier when drinking some budget gin in the middle of a field for the weekend.

Harris Tweed SWIG Hip Flask 

Okay maybe saying this is a festival essential is going a little far, because the craftsmanship that has gone in to this little stainless steel beauty is almost too much to waste on a festival alone. With a personalised engraving service and exquisite presentation packaging, the SWIG Hip Flask is the perfect present for your dad... grandad... Hell, I even felt like giving it back to the postman as a thank you gift when he popped it through the door! It's so beautiful (have I mentioned my penchant for tweed before?)

SWIG Hip Flask - The Upmarket Festival Essential

Not only do SWIG flasks tick all the boxes for the perfect present ever, but you can also have them personalised with the engraving service, adding another special touch for anyone you may be buying it for. They'd be perfect for graduation presents, wedding presents or even a present for yourself if you're feeling extra flash. 

When you receive your Swig Hip Flask you also get in a invitation to join the society for SWIG owners. This provides you with a unique code on a card within the box, which unlocks a world to explore on the website which includes drink recommendations, unique giveaway opportunities and other lifestyle content, exclusive to SWIG society members.

-View the SWIG Flask Harris Tweed Collection online here-

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  1. I love pretending to be classy with a hip flask in the middle of Leeds fest haha. This is actually really lovely though, it looks beautifully made. xo

    Abby | Eärendil


Thanks for the comment!

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