The Classics with Nars Cosmetics

When it comes to your make up bag, there's a few simple classics that any lady (or gentleman, depending on how 2015 you are) needs in their life. Apart from the perfect base, and the ultimate contour, there's only two other products which most people need in their make-up lives. These products will always be the bold red lip and the slick black eyeliner - the perfect combo to suit any complexion. 

Decade after decade trends have come and gone, but look back at any magazine from any era and you will more than likely find a feline flick with a red lip at some point in the pictures. Even when beauty editors try to poo-poo this classic combo, it always creeps back in and people reach for it in the end anyway (well, I do).

The Classics with Nars Cosmetics

For my first foray in to Nars Cosmetics from HQHair*, I thought I'd go for two products which could help create a timeless make up look again and again, because let's face it, when something costs a little more, you want to make the most out of it.

I'm not usually much for pencil eyeliners, but the Nars Eyeliner Pencil in Black Moon has a slick texture, which effortlessly smooths across your upper lash line. The velvety consistency means it's perfect for smudging slightly if you want a more smoky eye look, or you can sharpen it finely enough to create a delicate cat flick. I'm impressed!

The Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Mysterious Red  is the ultimate long lasting, red lipstick. Seriously, this stuff has staying power; but just be careful you don't team it with a white dress on a night out! It's bold, bright and glides perfectly opaque in one application. If you were to invest in only one red lipstick this year, make sure it's this one. 

-You can find Nars Cosmetics online at HQHair here-

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  1. I'm also not really for pencil eyeliners, but both look amazing! :)


Thanks for the comment!

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