YSL Black Opium - Finally. We Are Together.

YSL Black Opium from Fragrance Direct- Finally. We Are Together. UK beauty blog review.

YSL Black Opium

You know when you see something whenever you open Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and you feel like you need it in your life? That's how I've felt every time I've opened one of the aforementioned platforms and seen YSL Black Opium perfume staring right back at me. 

Usually, when a perfume is released and the world goes mad, I have a sniff and think 'Meh, that's one way to give me a migraine' and never succumb to the hype. But with YSL Black Opium* it's been different. Every time I see that sparkly bottle with that classic font in store I have to have several spritzes. The scent will literally last all day on my wrist/clothes/neck (because when I say several spritzes I mean a million sprays) and even the cat seems to go mad for it?!

Being the object of my affection for so long, it really did make my life complete when Fragrance Direct mentioned I could feature a perfume from their range... I knew straight away what to choose, and now my beloved is finally mine. I feel like Chuck Bass when he finally got together properly with Blair, and I'm waiting for that moment in this love story where I accidentally break the bottle and our love is left unrequited for a period of time after the break up. Even if that happened I'm sure we will be rekindled again. 

For those who haven't smelt YSL Black Opium, it's a hard scent to describe. It's a classic, mature scent, but not in a granny way. To me it smells like it has a creamy hint of violets with a rich vanilla scent contrasting against the slightly floral undertones. As usual though, describing a smell in a blog post is simply impossible, so next time you go in to town sniff it out. Fall in love. 

-You can find YSL Black Opium and more from Fragrance Direct- 

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  1. I treated myself to black opium a while back and I've seriously worn it every day since. Absolutely dreading the day when I run out of it, but I don't want to use any other perfume when I can use this...? The scent kind of reminds me of Black XS, but a bit classier and mature haha! x

  2. I got my Dad to get me this from duty free on his way over from Vegas! I was over the moon that he picked up the 90ml bottle for me!! It is delicious!

    Claudia xx

  3. I don't own this but I do love it. My dad bought it for my mum last Christmas and asked me to wrap it (I have mad wrapping skills!) and I opened the box it came in to have a little peak and I think they must have sprayed it inside and oh it was gorgeous! It will be mine one day x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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