90s Nudes with Urban Decay

Hey everyone! Come check out my NUDESSSSS. Lol just kidding. Here's some nude toned make up for you to get yours eyes around from Urban Decay. It seems Urban Decay can do no wrong at the moment within the enigmatic world of MAKE UP, but time after time they're hitting the beauty lovers soft spots with their award winning releases. 

This time we're talkin' about the After Glow 8-Hour Blush in VIDEO, a brown toned nude shade of blush which is not only brilliant for smooshing all over your chops, but is also perfect for that daily contour look the Kardashians would be jealous of. Team this with the oh-so-90s brown toned nude lip liner, filled in as a lip stick, and you've got a face of fun that Rachel from Friends would be envious of. Longevity wise, both do what they say on the tin - last. No need to keep applying that blusher to your moon chops, like I often find myself having to do so I don't get mistaken for the moon on a body, Contour with this bad boy and you're laughing from breakfast until tea time. 

Here's a gratuitous mirror selfie to show my new 90s toddler outfit to compliment my new 90s face.

Thanks, bye.

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  1. such a cute outfit, really liking the 90s vibes! x

    Ariadna || RAWR BOWS

  2. Looking beaut! I'm desperate to try one of the 8-hour blushes, yet to decide which shade. Bittersweet is calling me but I'm really not sure why I think a vibrant purple will look good on my face. Which is the colour of the lipliner, by the way? I think I need it in my life xx


  3. I love the colour of that blusher! I really want to try one of their blushers but I can't choose between the colours.


Thanks for the comment!

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