Leeds Festival 2015

Leeds Festival 2015

Whenever I go to Leeds Festival I always plan what the follow up blog post will be in my head beforehand. Has this blog post ever happened or worked out how I imagined? Nope. Because no matter how many pictures I plan to take and things I want to remember to include, I get sidelined by copious amounts of alcohol and generally having a jolly good time. So forget the outfit posts, the beauty essentials and f*ckin’ floral flower crowns – here’s my highlights from Leeds Festival 2015.

Leeds Festival 2015: Highlights

I have waited so many years to see Refused live, and this year at Leeds was MY TIME. They were main reason I needed to go. After the disappointment that was the ‘come back’ shows of At The Drive In and Glassjaw, who had a distinct essence of CBA when I saw them, Refused restored my faith in the return of punk rock. As soon as they walked on stage it was like sticking your head in a massive jet engine. Not only did they put on a absolutely astonishing show from start to finish, but they played all the best ones from The Shape of Punk to Come alongside a few new songs, ending with New Noise. Singer Dennis Lyxzén is like a hardcore version of Pelle Almqvist from The Hives, but with a little less humour and a little more monumental in his ability to get people circle pitting like it’s 2004.

Refused at Leeds Festival 2015

Grilled Cheese and Halloumi Salads
Okay, festivals and food don’t always turn out to be the best combination in the world. I mean; greasy burgers, shit chips and a distinct lack of variation other than noodles is the usual run down of culinary delights on offer. But this year Leeds Festival upped the food game and introduced a few smaller caterers to the arena. Yes my insides are currently hating me for eating three, yes three, grilled cheese sandwiches from the ‘Holy Toast’ stand by the BBC Introducing Stage this weekend, but I also averaged out the grease with a delicious quinoa and halloumi salad too. All in all, a great addition to the weekend. Especially when we couldn’t get our hands on ready salted pom bears for the weekend.
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Piccadilly Party
If you wander down to the main camp site at Leeds, just near to the mystical fairground rides, you’ll spot a disco ball in the sky which is home to the Piccadilly Party. With a line up of DJs who know their Taylor Swift from their Die Antwoord with a glug of indie and dance in between, it’s the party that literally doesn’t sleep… Until 6am that is. Every year come rain or shine, more and more crazy kids  join the fun and literally go insane for hours on end. This year was much of the same, with a little less mud than previous years. 

leeds fest
Foals Secret Set
I don’t actually remember how I knew Foals at Leeds Festival was going to happen or how I knew they were playing beforehand, but somehow I did. The tent was absolutely rammed, so it must have been on the grapevine somewhere and I can’t claim to be as cutting edge as I could do right now. Anyway, they’re one of those bands I always hear on XFM but never pay attention to. After this weekend though, I think I’ve changed my mind. There were a few other rumoured secret sets for the weekend (*cough* Ed Sheeran and Weezer *cough*) but non of the others happened, so well done Foals for actually being a rumour and fulfilling it.

So, In Conclusion….
Leeds Festival 2015 was a massive success. Many people criticised the line up, but as long as I saw Refused I knew the weekend would be a jolly good time. There were a thousand other great bits from the entire weekend, including Baby Metal and drinking prosecco like it was going out of fashion, but I won’t brag about my mint time too much. I will just add that the weather was the best it has been for a few years now and I didn’t even need my wellies. Leeds this year was the official end to summer it seems too, as now I’m back in rainy Stoke, whilst the first wave of dark nights is setting in. Take me back please.

-Did you go to Leeds Festival this year? What was your favourite part of the weekend?-