Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester

Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester

Prezzo Restaurant in Deansgate Manchester isn't a place I would usually choose to eat at. There's something about Italian restaurants that just never really appeals to me, especially in a city like Manchester when there are so many other places to eat! However, when I was invited to review the new Prezzo Restaurant in Deansgate I would have been silly to say no, as after going it's kind of changed my mind about the whole Italian cuisine thing.

Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester

As soon as we entered the restaurant the waitress was so welcoming and helpful, she sat us down and talked us through the specials on the current menu. Because I was absolutely ravenous I immediately ordered the Antipasto sharing platter for my starter, without even asking my food date if they wanted any of it (whoops!). I did share the fine selection of; Prosciutto ham, salami milano, salsiccia piccante, buffalo mozzarella, marinated olives, sunblushed tomatoes, rocket and ciabatta though - and it was all perfectly delicious. You simply can't go wrong with starters no matter what the origin of the cuisine and Italian always leaves me satisfied and ready for the next round.

For my main I decided to go for the Trio of Pork Ciabatta Sandwich which I ordered simply because the Summer Sharing Platter for Two would have been a *little* too much for me to manage alone (my partner in food crime had already ordered the Seabass, you see). I actually ordered it with low expectations about what the dish would be like. I was just so hungry and the amount of pasta on the menu was a little overwhelming for me to read through them all in too much detail, so the special it was! 

I've got to say I was so far from disappointed it was unreal. The Ciabatta was light and fluffy with a satisfying crunch, whilst inside the trio of pork made me to a Homer Simpson style drool several times. I always find pork belly to be fatty and, to be honest, a little gross, but the Prezzo Pork Belly? Good God y'all. I'm almost drooling thinking about it now! I also thought I was over pulled pork, until I tried the amazing melt-in-your-mouth fennel infused version from Prezzo. Even when I'd finished eating the entire meal, complete with Rosemary Sweet Potato Wedges, I could easily have eaten it again! 

The Seabass was just as tasty as the other dishes we'd chosen from the menu so far and was served on a bed of basil pesto, asparagus, cherry tomatoes, olives, red onion, green beans and spinach with a side of minted baby potatoes. The flavours were so incredibly fresh and the seabass itself had a really nice crunch to the skin. Yum. To be honest, the dish was so flavoursome and satisfying the potatoes could have been forgotten about, especially after we'd already had a starter.

Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester

I'm not usually one to go for desserts or a full three courses at any restaurant, but like I've mentioned a few times already - I WAS SO HUNGRY(!!) so we even had desserts this time. As we had a hard afternoon shopping awaiting us, I went for a mini nutella and banana calzone with a cafe latte to help me get through the carb fest. I think what let me down here was having a crepe in my mind for the calzone itself, when actually it was a dough (which makes sense in retrospect, duh). It wasn't bad, but it wasn't particularly good. I just felt a bit meh about it, but despite that, the coffee was lovely and rounded off the meal very well. We also tried the Blood Orange Sorbet which was a tangy and refreshing final course to the Prezzo Deansgate dining experience!

Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester
Prezzo Restaurant, Deansgate Manchester

All in all, an excellent meal which has certainly made me think twice about opting for Italian in future!

-You can check out more from the Prezzo Menu online here-

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  1. I went to the Bournemouth branch recently and have to agree about the verdict to the nutella and banana calzone. It sounded amazing on the menu, but was definitely more meh. That pork sammich sounds like a dream, so perhaps I'll have to skip the pasta next time and go for that.

  2. It sure does look lovely! Feel bad for still being hungry leaving the Balsamik event... x


Thanks for the comment!

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