The House Move: One Month In

This time last month I finally moved from my poky one bedroom flat to my nice, spacious 2 bedroom house with my little cat Kitty. I absolutely love living alone and don’t regret a minute of making the move from parents, to housemates, to just me and the cat. There’s something so much more satisfying about not having to make passive aggressive digs about washing up and arguing about who needs to take the bins out.
There’s been ups and down financially throughout the moves, with many people asking why I don’t just buy a house. Why people even need to ask this I’m not sure. For me right now buying a house is simply impossible. I don’t have a rich relative who has saved up a few thousand to gift to me one day, and due to renting I don’t have the money ‘spare’ to save. It seems this all bothers other people who have nothing to do with my life much more than it does me, and it’s a bit annoying having to justify it every now and again. Especially when some people have no concept of money or how the real world works whilst tied to their parents apron strings… But I digress. Home ownership will happen one day, but just not now.
I’ve still so many boxes to unpack and I’ve no idea how I even fit half of my stuff in to my flat before! I had less rooms and less storage, yet I’ve still managed to fill an entire house with about 7 boxes of stuff still untouched. The amount of clothing I gave to my Grandad to car boot for me seemed like it was more than I was bringing with me,  but somehow my wardrobe and drawers are full and I have another 2 massive bags with nowhere to live. 

There’s so many little things I’m appreciating more now I’ve moved in to a real house. Things like being able to pop *actual* central heating on when I’m feeling chilly instead of living with the bane of storage heaters, which just end up going cold by the evening meaning all the heat just dispersed from them when I was at work all day. The amount of nights I’ve been satisfyingly toasty with my new Sheepskin Slippers from Tommy Tou  keeping my tootsys warm. I’ve never owned real sheepskin slippers before, and usually opt for Primark ones. The difference in quality is amazing and I can’t believe I ever settled for such below par things on my feet! Even Hot chocolate to complete the warming toasty evenings seems to taste even better when made in my kitchen, which now has a window (my flat had no windows in the bathroom or kitchen!). 
It’s lovely that my niece and relatives can come round to my house now. In my flat I still felt like it was a bit ‘student digs’ so never invited anyone but friends around (and that was only when we were getting drunk). Even though I’m the messiest person in the world, I’m still quite house proud and at least here I can stash the mess a lot easier. I mean, this area under my stairs is the perfect dumping ground! 
I’ve so much to blog about and have had so little time lately, and it’s really frustrating, especially with the darker nights drawing in. Thankfully, my spare bedroom has super bright lights for taking pictures in, complete with clean, white walls. I swear, you never realise how much difference a white wall makes when you’ve been used to magnolia ones!
So, one month after my move I’m still getting settled. Working every day and not getting back until 7pm and then having a… life at weekends is getting in the way, but overall I’m very happy and still playing catch up. I’ve so many beauty blogs to write, alongside some outfits and music blog posts too, but for now they’re all taking a back bench until I at last work out where I put my memory card which had a load of pictures on for blog posts I need to write (hahaharghhhh).