The Polar-Polo-Turtle Neck Throwback

The Polar-Polo-Turtle Neck Throwback 

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With This is England '90 coming to TV screens TOMORROW, it kinda got me thinking about the clothes I used to wear as a nipper. During the 90's I went from a sweet 5 year old in 1990 in to an absolutely horrible teenager, hitting the grand age of 15 by the end of the decade. It's weird to think that memories which are still quite vivid were nearly 20 years ago now. Wow. I remember being about 13 when I became obsessed with polar neck jumpers (intentionally called Polar neck for the purposes of winter, as polar = cold? Right?), and I used to love a dark purple chenille knit one, which I remember wearing on a daily basis with my ill fitting jeans. 

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When I spotted this amazing dark green suedette button up dress, and after trying it on I knew I needed a polar neck back in my life to team with it. For years I've had it in my head that polar necks have been the devil garment, never to be worn again, but it seems like they're totes on trend this season. Luckily enough Select also had a few on offer, so I nabbed one in my haul and the outfit which now lays before you was formed. Fortunately, the memories of polar necks being really uncomfortable to wear were completely fabricated within my own head, as in reality they're nowhere near as scratchy or restraining as I'd imagined.

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The dress itself is really comfortable to wear. With the fabric being faux suede it's particularly lightweight and the pockets are a welcome addition to my wardrobe.  I must admit, wearing a jumper under my dress does make me a feel a little chunky, but when it's keeping me toasty in winter months I won't be complaining. Both the dress and the jumper totalled just under £30 together, which is pretty impressive considering similar dresses in Topshop would set you back around £45 for the dress alone. 

Now we just need the weather to make its mind up be consistently cold so I can wear this every day....  

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  1. I love this outfit, I need a pinafore dress in my life!
    Coleoftheball xx

  2. Replies
    1. I think everyone needs this dress. do it!

  3. I've always loved the look of polo necks and obviously they're great for keeping you warm but I've always found that they irritate my neck and actually make me too warm. Damn you sensitive skin and a tendency to easily overheat! I was up for a role in This is England '90 but I didn't get it. I'm quite glad though actually as I'm not sure I want to revisit the fashions from school! x

    Becky @ The Little Blog of Beauty


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