Wooden It Be Nice: Jord Wood Watch

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If there’s one thing I bloody love, it’s a good watch. I used to be obsessed with watches, rotating my wrist wear daily from the selection I used to collect. I have a penchant for Fossil Watches usually and it’s rare that my trusty Fossil ‘Stella’ watch leaves my wrist. That is until this little Jord Wood Watch came in to my life….

Jord Wood Watch

As you can see, this beautiful light wood watch comes complete with a rose gold face and delicate diamontes around the circumference of the bezel. Although it looks pretty hefty, it’s actually super lightweight maple wood which doesn’t weight your wrist down in the slightest.  
Although the wooden strap hasn’t been varnished and still remains a ‘soft’ wood effect, it has been treated with tung oils, to ensure that the wood remains in tip top condition for as long as possible. Cleaning is easy and a damp sponge removes any splashes you may get on it when doing things like making a chocolate cake and accidentally splashing cake mix all over it… Whoops.
Although this style is one of the more feminine from the range of wood watches online, they do also have some darker wood and copper metal combinations over on their website. Each Jord Wood Watch is handmade, and I can’t even imagine the craftsmanship and time that goes in to each one to make them so perfect.
Jord Wood Watch
Jord Wood Watch

-You can find out more about Jord Wood Watches here