A Penchant For A Blue Hue

There’s nothing like a good flat lay is there? After the pinky-coral vibes of my last peach toned flat lay, I’ve noticed that this time I’m swaying more towards the blue hue. I’ve been bagging some right bargains lately, including the Hand Chemistry Heel Cream, which I got from Boots for £2 on the clearance stand(!) and that ‘mini egg’ Illamasqua polish everyone went mad for the other year in TK Maxx for only £3.99!
Apart from keeping my hands looking all fresh and lovely, I’ve also upped my skincare and haircare game in line with the Autumn/Winter transition. I don’t know about you, but I always find when the weather changes, my skin and hair tends to change along with it and I need to moisturise and hydrate as much as I can! The other week I suffered from such a dry forehead as a result of the weather change, so the new Magnitone London ‘Barefaced’ Cleansing Brush has worked a treat to clear that up by buffing away the dead, flakey skin as part of my routine every night. Although it does seem a little harsh at first and really tickled my nose, it seems to be doing the trick to give me a brighter, smoother complexion. So worth the initial bathroom lolz when it does brush across my nose. My chin has been awful with spots lately, but this manages to keep them looking a little less dry and gross during their period of invading my face and the gentle regeneration of skin from removing dead skin cells is also helping them to heal slightly faster I’ve found too. I’ve been using it with my Vichy Cleanser which I mention in this post here.
I’ve also noticed my hair has been getting really brittle lately, which is a combination of the weather change and the fact I’m washing it more often. Since going pink I found that it felt heavy and lank way more easily than it used to. This is probably just because the colour was an extra coating on my hair though. Anyway, the pink has now all washed out and my hair is now used to being washed more often, which kind of sucks as it means styling more often too. When I brush it I can see visible breakage, so I got the Moroccanoil Shampoo and Conditioner from Regis in a bid to sort it out. I do love a good hair oil, but never seem to bother backing up using them with the correct shampoo and conditioner. Since starting to use these my hair seems to have had a little more elasticity, but no major changes yet. Bear in mind I’ve only been using them two weeks so far though. It’s definitely so far, so good mind, and I’ll re-evaluate the situation when I’ve used the whole bottles. I think I’m a late to the party with Moroccanoil, but I’m always fashionably late like that….

Do you find yourself drawn to products of a certain colour from time to timeto?