Halloween Sequins and Sass

Halloween is almost here again, woohoo! 
Every year seasonal events always become a *bigger* thing don’t they? And Halloween seems to be the one that no one seems to ever complain about the increasing over-hype. Christmas? ‘OMG WHY IS CHRISTMAS IN THE SHOPS ALREADY? Easter? ‘OMG EASTER EGGS STRAIGHT AFTER XMAS’ …Everything is a big deal nowadays… Halloween though? Everyone seems to love it more and more every time. People don’t even seem to moan about the influx of Halloween themed blog posts beauty blogs tend to do either, score. 

And what’s not to love? It’s the one time of the year where you can give all those make up looks a go that you’ve eyed up throughout the year and haven’t yet been able to try on a regular day without looking nuts. I for one will be going for an extreme contour to echo the skeleton vibes of this dress I picked up in H&M the other day.

I made this spooky little Halloween light using an old vodka bottle and a ‘bottle light’ from the Gifts For Her section over from my pals at IWOOT. It’s pretty nifty and perfect for those old bottles which are too pretty for the bin (like that Blue Sapphire Gin bottle I stupidly threw in the bin, before this light came in to my life). It’s actually pretty bright too! The other night when the electric decided to conk out at about 3 in the morning and I needed a pee in the dead of night, it came in rayt handy. So not just great for spooking up bottle but also practical too! I stuck some spider earrings in the cork bit on the top of the light for an extra dose of scary.

I might post some Halloween make up looks, but with the dark nights now in and working till late that might prove impossible before Halloween itself. However, if you head over to Twitter, and search #HQScare you’ll see a few bloggers showcasing their spooky looks thanks to HQHair *name dropping work related things, soz*
What are you doing this Halloween?