The Giggling Squid, Stratford

I can’t be the only one who goes on trips only to base the success of them on food, can I? It seems when I went to Stratford the best memories I’m coming back with are all centered around the amazing food I ate. On the Sunday evening, before we went for Afternoon Tea at the RSC the next day, we decided to go for a bit of a Thai treat after stumbling upon a place called The Giggling Squid whilst exploring. We were initially drawn to their ‘Thai Tapas’ options in the window, but unfortunately this was just at lunch times, but once we sat down we found that the evening menu was just as appealing.

We didn’t have a starter as we filled up on some tasty thai prawn crackers, which were so much better than the whispy prawn crackers you get from your local chinese take away. We went straight for mains and despite my poor effort at trying to take a picture of the food, it all tasted SO GOOD. 
The Lamb Shank Beef Massaman was a plate of creamy, nutty, rich Thai curry dreams. With so much MEAT on the plate, it was so hard to finish the entire dish – even between two of us! With a side of coconut rice (massaman curry + coconut rice = the culinary dream), it was such a delectable combination which I could eat all day, every day. 
The Giggling Squid, Stratford

We also chose two starters as a main, which In always find is the best idea when you’re trying somewhere new and want to sample more than one dish! We went for salt and pepper squid alongside a papaya salad. Papaya salad is one of my favourite things to have when I have Thai food, and the spicy but sweet shredded vegetable goodness always satisfies me. The Salt and Pepper Squid was equally as tasty. I usually avoid squid to be honest, as the texture reminds me of ears (don’t ask), but this was a lovely texture, which wasn’t chewy at all. Just the right amount of… suppleness? Haha. We also went wild and had a dessert, choosing the black sesame seed ice cream. This was really weird and I wasn’t sure if it was sweet or savoury, but either way it was creamy and delicious and an excellent way to complete the meal.

The Giggling Squid, Stratford

After we finished we nipped to one of Stratfords lovely pubs for a night cap before we went back to our hotel, will I would definitely go back to again! You can see where that was by clicking here.