Instagrammable Snippets with Flamingo Gifts

It’s been a very slow process of getting my house to where it is now… Which is still a bloody un-organised mess in most parts still. I’ve got stacks of boxes in my cubbyhole waiting to be unpacked and don’t get me started on my lack of love for doing the dishes. I seem to be accumulating stuff at a much faster rate than I can sort the old stuff out and it’s resulting in a very unproductive cycle of hoarding and procrastination. 
Despite the piles of belongings around me, I am taking greater pleasure than usual in the small areas of the house which I’ve made instagrammable, like these two snippets featuring an Orla Kiely Bird House and my new Retro Phone, both from Flamingo Gifts. When they kindly offered me some products to feature, I don’t know why part of my choices consisted of things which really didn’t have much use at all. My house phone has always been unplugged due to those pesky PPI calls and despite having a garden now, there’s simply no way in hell this amazing bird house is going out there, I mean, look how precious it is. 

Really, I should have pushed for my back up choices of the Umbra storage. I really LOVE Umbra products and their form following function designs. I’ve convinced myself that THIS storage box is the new ‘muji acrylic’ when it comes to must-have beauty blogger organisation. Sigh. I’ll scout them out for the Christmas list perhaps. But for now, I can forget about the ‘what-ifs’ in place of these beautiful pastel green hues. 
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