My Favourite Fragrances

Just like shoes, I've never considered myself to be a person who is in to their perfumes. I will claim that I have little to no interest in both, yet when I look in my collection I have a plethora of each. In my perfume collection I seem to have over 30 bottles of varying scents. From rich vanilla smells, which will wrap your nostrils in a dose of creaminess, to fruity floral scents perfect for summer - I seem to have perfumes for every occasion. Without even realising.

As with my personal shoe range, I only seem to reach for 4 or 5 of the collection too. Within around 100 pairs of shoes I only tend to wear 5 on rotation. Perfumes are no different, with the above taking it in turns. But why do I go for the above? When giving them a sniff they're actually quite different in scent with not a lot of similar undertones or base notes....

I can only imagine that it comes down to my mood on any given day. If I'm happy I tend to go for my own signature scent which is the KORRES Vanilla, Freesia and Lychee EDT. This stuff is my crack. I'm on my 3rd bottle of it and would definitely invest in more. At around £25 for a 50ml bottle it's also incredibly affordable. Whenever I wear it people ask what it is and the scent seems to last all day long. Even after a day at work, if I call around my parents house my mum things I have squirted a fresh spritz on, even when I haven't!

My perfumes seem to cater for most budgets too, with most of them being really affordable. If you like a good bargain scent then you need to visit a Zara store, where most of them come in at around £10. The Zara Black Peony perfume is a dupe for everyone's favourite 'Flowerbomb' but saving you about 70% on the original. As you can see, I've certainly made the most of mine! In-keeping with floral smells, Flora by Gucci has become one of my most reached for perfumes, after initially not liking it at all! The smell certainly grew on me and I'm currently eyeing up my options for a replacement over on eBay, whoops. 

The other three fragrances consist of Berdoues Violettes De Tulouse, which smells JUST like palma violets,  the new Givenchy perfume which is another that has slowly grown on me and the Giorgio Armani Si, which came as an unexpected yet welcome Klout perk the other week!

Do you tend to stick to one scent or mix it up a LOT like me?

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  1. I've been dying to try the Giorgio Armani Si! My favorite bloggers talk about it so much - it's made the holiday wishlist ;)

    Emily | Lynde Avenue


Thanks for the comment!

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