Ox Pasture Hall Hotel & Deliberation

I found this blog post sitting in my drafts from just over a year ago and it got me thinking… Mainly just about my blog. And how great it is that I have this blog which means I can make an active log of my entire life to refer back to whenever I like. I’m always taking pictures and forgetting about them on my camera, only to end up deleting them in the end anyway. At least when I upload memories to my blog it means I can really sponge up the great things I get to do and can read all about them when I’m old and senile!
Ox Pasture Hall was one of the most magical places I visited last year. Situated in a beautiful part of Scarborough, the location also meant that I could visit my friend from uni whilst I was there. The problem with uni is always the part when you leave and everyone returns to different parts of the country. One thing my blog and my travels have enabled me to do several times is to visit long, lost friends. Which is always pretty good isn’t it? 
I suppose this is part of why I get frustrated sometimes with beauty blogs. I do read them for review purposes now and again, but overall I feel like I’d much prefer blogs to be used as a space to really share memories and give people an insight in to how people live. I know that’s really nosey, but the same goes for my blog. Sometimes when I look at my homepage and just see my make up posts I consider just not bothering for a short while. I want to have something to look back on in decades to come where I can say ‘wow, look at all the great things this time of my life enabled me to do!’ rather than a load of lipsticks. Of course, my blog and other blogs will always steer back to beauty, but sometimes it’s nice to have a little kick up the butt and realise there’s more to a blog than being a review site. 
I don’t know how I can reflect so much on something which on the surface is probably a little narcissistic and shallow… You know, the whole thinking that people apart from me would like to see what I’m doing. But I just know how much other peoples lives intrigue me, so who knows? Perhaps some people feel like that about my online life. I work so many hours now and time out of the office feels increasingly more precious. Either way, I think I will be making a much more dedicated effort in to stepping further away from beauty and more in to logging my life. Because that memory of the one time you got an Urban Decay lipstick just isn’t going to keep you warm at night when you’re 60 now is it?
Of course there’ll still be beauty, there’ll still be clothes, but now I’m hoping I can just fit in more of me, and more of my life. So stay tuned, you might just like it more.