When All You Want Is Carbs

Carbs, carbs, carbs, carbs, CARBS CARBS CARBS.

What is it about cold weather which makes you want to eat 18 warm dinners rolls, dripped in balsamic vinegar and olive oil, over the space of 3 days? I dunno about you, but since Autumn kicked, salads and healthy food just haven’t had a look in. Pasta, bread, dumplings, basically anything beige and warm seems to be my go-to diet regime lately. I’ve also been skipping the gym even more so than usual… Which now means I go a grand total of zero times a week, versus the one time I was making it before. An active lifestyle certainly isn’t on my agenda it seems.
There are little ways I’ve stayed on track during this time of over eating though. With a few little smart swaps here and there I’ve managed to maintain my dress size thus far, and my main motivation for not piling on the pounds is because I literally have no time to go clothes shopping if my clothes end up not fitting me. What can I say, I’m shallow, busy and cheap. The first tweak I’ve made is at breakfast time. Now instead of skipping breakfast for coffee and crisps, I’ve been preparing overnight oats the evening before, which I eat when I get to work. Because I’m grazing on them slowly for the first hour or so, it seems to satisfy me until lunch time. My favourite way to make overnight oats is with Almond Milk, as it adds  a sweeter taste to them and is almost half the amount of calories than skimmed milk. Mixing in a handful of chopped dates is new discovery I’ve made, and once they’re soft in the morning it’s kind of like having little bits of chocolate in it! You can make over night oats with any old cheap oats from the supermarket, I’ve found no difference in quality when using £3 oats or 65p ones. It’s all in the little additions which make them tastier! 
My other *new thing* seems to be craving chocolate and sweets at around 3pm every day. I’m sure there’s probably some scientific theory behind this, apart from me just being a pig, but I keep eyeing up the Malteasers and Galaxy bars in the vending machines placed conveniently near my desk. To get rid of this I’ve reached for a bar from my pals over at Exante Diet  this way I can stay full until I get home at about 7pm when I can finally have my evening meal. It’s such an awkward time to get home at, and when I like my lunch at about 12-1pm it’s a big stint without snacking! But thankfully Exante bars bridge the gap. Chocolate coconut is my personal favourite. Wash it down with some green tea for extra health points and you’re on to a winner.
Other tips for keeping on track when all you want to do it snack? My main one is brushing your teeth. Everything tastes rancid when you’ve just brushed your teeth! So if you’re sitting around the house itching to reach for some snacks, just head to the bathroom and get your brush on.