Bourjois Air Mat Foundation and Healthy Mix Concealer

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation and Healthy Mix Concealer

I've never really got on with Bourjois foundations very well. I know a lot of people love the Healthy Mix Foundations, but for my complexion they're just a little too yellow toned and make me look ever so ill. In fact, when I did wear it a few times it resulted in people asking me if I felt okay, as it made me look so sickly! I was in Boots the other day and noticed the new Air Mat Foundation from Bourjois though and thought I'd give it a little swatch... The smell alone made me WANT it.

Bourjois Air Mat Foundation and Healthy Mix Concealer

The foundation boasts that it's a lightweight yet buildable formula which allows for a medium to full coverage. Applied with a brush then finished with a beauty blender I can manage to create the coverage I need to cover all me spots with one light layer. It feels absolutely amazing on your skin and immediately makes your complexion appear and feel softer. It really is lovely. Longevity wise, it does seem to be lasting the entire work day, which is surprising considering how light it feels. It's also surprising how little it dries my skin, despite being a matte finish.

Whilst buying the Bourjois Air Mat Foundation, I also treated myself to another tube of the Healthy Mix Concealer (and used it as an excuse to push my purchase over the £15 mark to make sure I got the limited edition free gift). This concealer is probably the best under eye concealer I've ever used. Not only because it does a fine job of concealing dark circles (the yellow tone of the healthy mix formulas seems to benefit my skin tone in this area!) but it also makes under my eyes feel SO soft when I use it. I've not had this feeling of suppleness with any other cream or concealer before and it's well worth the price tag of £7,99 - which is way above my personal budget for a daily concealer, because I'm so tight. But hey, if it works, it works and is worth the money.

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