Eat, Sleep, Shop at Cheshire Oaks

Cheshire Oaks is one of my favourite shopping destinations to visit when I’m after some designer retail therapy. I love Manchester as a city to shop in, but when I want somewhere easy to get to, with a simple range of shops and eateries, Cheshire Oaks is firmly on my list of places to go. Being a short 50 minute drive from Stoke, it’s always a nice little day out and there’s plenty of places to eat too! They’ve recently opened a Yo! Sushi and a Wagamama’s which pleases me endlessly and not to mention my usual favourite shops like the Molton Brown, L’occitane and Fossil shop. If you’re after a Fossil watch I highly recommend visiting the Cheshire Oaks outlet store as you can always bag one for around 50 quid off the regular RRP in the high street stores. 
Recently I went for a proper little Christmas shopping adventure to Cheshire Oaks, just to showcase how amazing it can be for an all-round shopping, eating and sleeping experience. Oh and used it as a massive excuse to treat myself. So let’s begin with the first thing you need for your shopping trip – FUEL. In the form of food and a cocktail…..

Chiquito is an easy option for a no-fuss yet slightly more tasty than your average meal. You can’t go far wrong when you order from their starters selection and the Tostada Platter is a tasty introduction to the menu. Baked tostadas topped with sweet potato & feta cheese, BBQ pulled pork and our chorizo & sweetcorn medley, topped with cheese ticks all the boxes when it comes to flavour and satisfaction to begin your Mexican FEAST. Washed down with the Christmas Cocktail menu and you’re winning. 

For main course we stuck to chicken dishes, because you need protein to keep your strength up for shopping right? The DIY style of the chicken fajitas is perfect for getting a bit messy and creating your fajita wraps just how you like them! If you’re not too keen on Mexican dishes, never fear, you can take it to the wiki-wild-wild-west with the Cowboy Chicken Burger, which contains two southern fried chicken burgers layered between pulled pork and BBQ sauce. It was so filling and delicious I left most of the soft, brioche bun it was served in. But by God, was it good.

Right across the road from the restaurants there is a fairly new Travelodge, which you can book for some reasonable rates if you book smart! With the new range of super comfy king size beds you’re in for an excellent nights sleep ready to get your shop on the next day. Even though the Travelodge doesn’t have a restaurant within it, so unfortunately you can’t get a cooked breakfast, you can get their breakfast boxes which come in two varieties from their reception. To be honest, you don’t want to fill up too much on breakfast anyway, as there’s a Starbucks, Costa, BK, and not to mention the Marks and Spencers Food Hall all to be taken advantage of! The Travelodge is so endlessly convenient being located so close to shops and the restaurants, you can forget the hectic city shopping breaks and relax in peace with everything you need literally 10 paces away from the door. Not to mention free parking throughout the whole of Cheshire Oaks.
After you’ve rested and  had a relaxing lie in, you can finally get to the shops. Cheshire Oaks has SO many outlet stores that if you’re a designer label fan you will be in heaven. The Michael Kors and Mulberry outlets forever call my name, however, the prices for those can still set you back a little bit! (more than my budget allows anyway). If you’re after a real bargain and some good stocking fillers then The Body Shop Outlet is what dreams are made of. It’s a little weird at first, but basically the more you buy the bigger discount you get. 2 items sees 30% off, 3 = 35% off and 4 items you get a whopping 40% off  the high street prices. They do the make up and best selling ranges so amazing if you’re a Body Shop fan!

There is also a Barbour shop at Cheshire Oaks, which is where I picked up this amazing new coat. I’ve been after something like this for a while, as my current Michael Kors red rain coat is looking a little worse for wear! Despite being totally tight when it comes to splashing out on most things, coats and shoes are the two items which I don’t mind spending money on. I’ve not owned a beige mac style coat before and this is a welcome addition to my wardrobe! It cost around £60 cheaper than I’ve seen online from the Barbour outlet store and I LOVE the lining in it too. The only thing which could make it more perfect would be if it had a hood. But hey, we can’t have it all can we?

So, if you’re after a great shopping, sleeping and eating experience for Christmas, or any time of the year actually, Cheshire Oaks might be the one for you.