A Cheshire Day Out: Paradise Adventure Golf and Panama Hatty’s

The weather this weekend has been absolutely bloody awful hasn’t it? I promised my baby niece a little day out and with the rain and wind being pretty horrific right now we were a little pushed for places to visit. After visiting Cheshire Oaks the other week, I was invited to check out their new golfing hang out ‘Paradise Island Adventure Golf’. I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to take baby niece out to score some top Aunty points and also keep out of the cold weather. I’ve only ever played golf once in my whole life. It was a hungover weekend in Leeds and we somehow found mini golf in a local park, WILD YOUTH EH. I must say, my expectations of Paradise Island were not very high before getting there (probably due to the weird previous mini gold experience) but y’know what? I’d willingly go back! 
The whole place is suitable for all ages, and they even have golf clubs for children as young at 1 (which is what age my niece actually is). When I booked it in I wasn’t sure if she’d be too little, but the whole set up caters to all ages. It’s nice and spacious for them to run around and the only peril she faced was on certain holes where the ‘grass’ had bumps in it, which did result in some comedy stumbles (I shouldn’t have laughed, I know). 
We did get there really early, so thankfully it wasn’t too busy and we could take our time around the courses. There were two courses to complete and I’ll try not to brag too much about winning both of them against my brother, sister in law and the baby. Heheheeeee. When it did start to fill up a bit there was a good mix of people. A range of children of all ages were about and there was also the odd couple of two without any kids giving the courses a whirl. I do think the last holes of the Coral Cove course could have been a little more exciting, as there was a huge lighthouse which was about 3 holes before the final one, which would have made a much better finale! However, it didn’t detract too much from the whole experience. The only other thing we found a little frustrating was that there was nowhere to sit. I would usually expect somewhere like this to have a bit of a break out area where you can recharge, especially with little ones. Considering we managed to get around it all in about an hour and half though (rushing a bit because she was a little tired) it wasn’t too bothersome though.
Overall though, it was quite fun and I can’t wait to go back when my niece is a little bigger so she can enjoy it even more. Some of the holes made sounds when you shot the ball through, and there was much more ‘movement’ around the courses than I thought there’d be – included the seagulls flying around the lighthouse which was very entertaining for a small child.
On the way back we stopped at a place called Panama Hatty’s in Spurstow; which my brother has mentioned a few times but I’ve never been to myself. I don’t know why but I expected somewhere completely different to what it turned out to be – which was an amazing contemporary Mexican restaurant nestled in the guise of a traditional country pub on the outside. As soon as you go in the decor is an eclectic mix of traditional features with modern twists, but I was too hungry and eager to chomp the food to take pictures of the interior. Whoops.

Luckily we were just in time for the dinner offer on the menu, which meant you could grab a starter and a main course for only £13.95 – which was a bargain when some mains alone were more than that. The nachos were AMAZING and the homemade salsa was really nice. I was surprised about how large the portion was considering it was a starter. I had the salt and pepper chicken wings which were ok, but could have done with some kind of dipping sauce as the flavour on them wasn’t as strong as I’d liked, but next time? I know to head straight to the nachos. 

For mains, my brother chose Jamabalaya, which looked pretty bloody nice, with an array of seafood and the delicious chorizo throughout. The portion sizes were just right for the dishes we chose and not too overwhelming, however, the burrito my sister in law ordered did come out an impressive size. As did the chicken strips and chips the baby had. In fact, we had to help her share them….I can confirm that even the kids meals are delicious too.
For my main course I had the Chicken Pago Pago, which was a deliciously sweet and spicy sauce which had tiny little shrimps and a slice of pineapple in it! It really was a taste sensation and totally my kind of dish. It was a little strange that it was served with seasonal vegetables though, and I think some kind of rice (perhaps coconut rice) would have been the perfect side dish to this one. 

Overall, it was a fun (and belly) filled day out in Cheshire! Both of these places are within a 50 minute drive from Stoke, so perfect for when we want somewhere to take my niece and I can’t wait to go back to Paradise Adventure Golf (if only to beat everyone again).