A Rainy Yet Beautiful Stay at Portmeirion

Portmeirion is one of my favourite places in the world. A 3 hour drive away from Staffordshire, as soon as you get across the Cheshire boarder you’re immediately on roads where you can see green fields for miles and miles, which makes the drive a little more relaxing than heading to a city location.  I’ve been to Portmeirion before and was in awe the entire time I was there, so I was so excited to head back for a relaxing time for my 30th Birthday before Christmas. I knew the drive would be gruelling but totally worth it to be able to stop at Portmeirion for a few days. 

A Rainy Yet Beautiful Stay at Portmeirion

When we arrived, we assumed we would be stopping in the main hotel down at the bottom of the village, but what we were actually presented with was one of the cutest rooms up the top end of the village within this little pink house! Even when I’ve visited Portmeirion before I’ve not realised that these houses scattered around the place were where you could actually stay, so already first impressions of our little adventure were up there. The room we stayed in still faced the sea and the first night was so relaxing. The village was so quiet and peaceful, but we could hear the waves crashing around and drank a bottle of red wine. This was all very welcome after the epic drive it took to get there. 

The next morning we felt so well rested we could have happily just chilled out in the room for the day, but there was the great outdoors to explore! As mentioned, the rain was putting a bit of a dampener on the occasion, but nothing a rain coat and some uggs didn’t solve. We drove the short 10 minute drive down the road to Porthmadog to do some exploring, and had some pancakes at a little pancake café we found. Porthmadog wasn’t very impressive in the rain, but I would love to go back in the summer to explore a little more. After stocking up on some fancy ciders from the local supermarket we went back up to Portmeirion. The rain had stopped by the time we got back and we managed to take a walk around the forest trail, where we found tree and tree which had been stuffed with copper coins! I think I got carried away with taking pictures of them as I have around 60 of these trees… 
We also found a mini lighthouse, which called for a Moonrise Kingdom moment, if only I’d remembered some binoculars.
One thing which I couldn’t work out at Portmeirion, was how they kept the buildings so vibrant in colour. Obviously they must have to paint them all quite regularly, but being so close to the sea in Wales I would expect everything to be a bit murkier. No matter which way we turned or how bad the weather got, the bright whites ans bold colours didn’t appear to dull. It was quite amazing. We spent around 4 hours pottering around and exploring the nooks and crannies of the village. There’s also an outdoor pool near the hotel which would be absolutely amazing to go back to in the height of summer.
Despite not staying in the hotel itself, we still go to eat down there and the food was AMAZING. In fact, it was all so delicious I ate it before I even managed to get any pictures. Such a bad blogger. Anyway, for breakfast you had cooked breakfast options such as Traditional Welsh Breakfast and Eggs Benedict alongside the buffet style deli breakfasts. They even had these tiny smoothies in a cute little bottle. Which made me feel slightly healthier after wolfing down some sausages.

The hotel had several rooms with some amazing décor on display. It almost made me feel sad we were stopping in our little pink house at the top! But we did get the best of both worlds and each building we went in was beautiful in  it’s own right.

Thank you so much to Portmeirion for letting us stay, and also for just… existing! It’s always been a favourite place of mine and I can’t wait to visit again in the summer.