Baby Shower Gift Ideas

Baby Shower Gift Ideas
This weekend has been fairly relaxing, which I’m sure we can all agree is welcome after the trauma which was the first week back at work after the Christmas ‘break’ – I say ‘break’ because I didn’t really have any time off apart from the official holiday days! The most strenuous thing I’ve done is go to a baby shower. Which is equally as exciting as it is upsetting for me. The reason it’s upsetting is because it was the baby shower of one of my best drinking buds who I never got to have one ‘wild’ last night out with, but it is exciting that I will now know another little person who isn’t my niece. 

Baby Shower Gift Ideas

The sex of the baby was kept a secret until the actual shower, and my friend revealed it by blowing up a load of helium balloons and putting a small balloon of the colour indicating the sex in the middle. So when everyone popped them at once the gender was revealed. Soz any gender neutral warriors out there… Anyway, because I didn’t know the sex before the party I kept the gifts quite neutral anyway. Girls love dinosaurs too y’know. The balloon popping did reveal the baby was a boy though, so worked out well either way! 

For the little one itself, I got some essentials such as these cute little bibs from Tk Maxx, to go in the pop up basket with the dinosaur on. I also packed in a lovely fluffy blanket, which I wish they made in adult sizes because a fluffy blanket with a hood sounds amazing to snuggle up in during colder months after a bath. This was only about £7 from Asda, so I hope the little one enjoys it because I am so jealous right now. Because I know she will be reading a lot of books for the little one, I threw in this adorable fluffy bookmark from Kid Robot Yummy World Collection. I also popped in a fluffy candy floss which I thought would look pretty adorable hanging from the pram. I feel that no child can have too many plush smiling objects.

For the mum-to-be I included some star products from Vichy. I know she has troublesome skin, so the normaderm range seemed like the perfect choices to rebalance any hormonal skin issues. Of course, due to limited time when the baby arrives she’s going to need the easiest options for skincare, so what better than the Vichy Night Detoxb to do the work whilst she sleeps and the 3 in 1 Micellar Water which will make cleaning her face a lot easier than a massive skincare routine which she may not be able to dedicate time too. I also included the Eau Thermale because I imagine she’s going to experience some kind of hot flush during points. I mean, there is a big ball of baby growing inside!

The baby shower was really nice and I even took my niece to play with another little chappie there. I know they’re a bit of an American thing, but hey, if I was having a kid I’d definitely have one to stock up on some essentials myself, haha.