L'Occitane Vitória Régia Flower Perfumes

L'Occitane Vitória Régia Flower Perfumes

I picked up this duo of L'Occitane Vitória Régia Flower Perfumes last time I went to Cheshire Oaks. I always pop in the L'Occitane shop when I'm there, as it's the only way I can justify treating myself to some of their products, as the price point can usually be a little high for my very tight budget. I had a sniff of the Vitória Régia Flower Perfumes a few times before Christmas, but at that point there were coming in at £30 each. When I was browsing casually in the outlet though, I spotted both perfumes for only £24.  For both!!!

Needless to say, I had to pick them up. Both are a generous 100ml size and smell equally as a divine. They're not my usual 'sickly sweet' scent (as someone described the other day), but a really light, floral scent. It sounds weird, but they smell almost like water... Flower water? I dunno. But considering the namesake Vitória Régia flower is a flower found blossoming in Amazonian waters that does kind of make sense. 

The green bottle is the 'day' flower and the blue is the 'night' - although I find either are suitable for any time of the day/night. The night version is a slightly more rounded scent, but still incredibly floral and 'light' as the day version. I can't really say I prefer either one as they are both so similar, but I've only had them a week and made a sizeable dent within both bottles. I must admit, the smell doesn't stick around for long after you've sprayed them, so I do find myself over spritzing - but when they were so cheap in comparison to their original price it's not an issue really is it?

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  1. £24 for both! Bargain! I love it when that happens. Although if they originally retailed at £30 each I'd have been seriously miffed that the scent doesn't stay that long.


Thanks for the comment!

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